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Why “Officially Licensed” Matters

Right around the time of the Nintendo Switch launch, you will remember the reedit post from dBrand claiming that ALL skins put on a Nintendo Switch product would ruin the Switch itself. Through some testing of our own – as well as some very informative videos from Performance Design Product – it was shown that this wasn’t the case all the time. PDP prides themselves on producing officially licensed products from gamers around the world, and if this scenario taught me anything, it was that “Officially Licensed” really does matter.

For full disclosure, GamesReviews has worked closely with PDP for more than three years now, and it’s been a fairly successful relationship for both. When a product is good, we make sure to tell everyone. When there are things we don’t like, we post about that too. It is a testament to the company, however, that our reviews generate fairly positive scores from ourselves, and positive supplementary reviews from our readers who end up buying the products. The number one response we get? “I’m glad to see these products are “officially licensed.”

You’ve seen all our reviews of past PDP products, many of which will be clickable in the links below. The one thing we like to point out is when PDP products are officially licenced. More often than not – in our case, I do believe its 100% – they are licensed, either by Nintendo, Microsoft, or any number of various companies (EA, Bioware, etc).

Back to the skins controversy. Although Nintendo isn’t going to provide a warranty if the PDP product should fail, there is comfort in knowing that these skins – as well as the Elite Player Backpack, and other PDP accessories – have been looked at, tested, and approved by Nintendo representatives. These products, bearing that beautiful Nintendo seal, are guaranteed to be certified by Nintendo themselves. Nintendo doesn’t bank on cheapness: they want quality products that will emulate the philosophy of the company. PDP delivers that.

This isn’t just a Nintendo centered debate either: PDP also has a great relationship with Microsoft, producing officially licenced controllers – and custom controllers such as the Halo Wars 2 controller – as well as headsets and other great merchandise. They’ve also partnered with the Gears of War folks to create a custom 1:1 Lancer replica, and with BioWare to create a diecast model of the Nomad buggy.

Officially licensed products matter. Be sure to check for that official seal on the next PDP item you purchase. Knowing the company it is designed for loves it will give you more confidence in your purchase.


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