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PDP Elite Player Backpack for Nintendo Switch

The Elite Player Backpack for the Nintendo Switch might just be the best accessory anyone can possibly purchase for their Nintendo Switch. As a portable system, you generally won’t need to pack along a lot of accessories, but should you want to take your entire Switch unit with you somewhere – which I have – this storage and transport solution is the best product available. Let’s dive in!


Pockets for Everything

The Elite Player Backpack has pockets for absolutely everything, from your system to your dock to your pro controller. On the front of the bag is a small pouch that can be unzipped for storing smaller Switch items such as games, ear buds, a cleaning cloth, or even a few non-Switch related odds and ends. If I’m going to gripe about this backpack, it would be that PDP could have included slots inside this pocket for your Switch cards to slide into. I’m fairly hesitant to just drop a switch cartridge into the pocket without some type of security for it.


Unzipping the next pocket displays interior spaces for a cell phone and a large pair of headphones. Again, other non-Switch related items could be sored in this zippered pocket, but these are the items PDP suggests. The headphone pocket is great, albeit small, so I doubt you could fit a large set in there. If your favorite headset ear cups don’t spin sideways so the headset could lay flat, it probably won’t fit in this pocket, especially if you load up the most interior of spaces with Switch accessories. This isn’t a slight to the PDP design, however, as anyone attempting to make a Switch backpack would have similar space constraints. Thankfully, most portable headsets on the market today are foldable, so it’s doubtful this will be a problem for many people.

The most interior zippered pocket is also the biggest, and safely and securely stores the bulk of your Nintendo Switch system and controllers. On the left side is a pouch that your Nintendo Switch screen – along with two attached Joy-Cons – will securely slide into. The pouch is large enough that getting it in and out won’t be a problem, yet not too large that the unit will bounce around while in transport. Next to the screen pouch are 6 small pouches that will each store a Joy-Con controller, as well as pouches for a Pro Controller or the packed in Nintendo Switch hand grip.


Along the bottom of the back are spaces for the Nintendo Switch dock, power cable, and HDMI cable, as well as any other odds and ends you might want to bring along.

Classy Design

The Elite Player Backpack could have been offered with a flashy outward design – think of their numerous carrying case accessories – but they choose to go with a very classy, charcoal grey exterior which is highlighted by the beautiful red Nintendo Switch logo on the front, and embroidered Nintendo Switch logo in white on the back. I think the design is wonderful, although perhaps in the future – depending on demand – they might explore a more ‘flashy’ presentation which I’m sure a number of Nintendo fans would appreciate.


I love this backpack as it is the perfect way to take your Nintendo Switch on the go. The bag itself is comfortable to wear, and knowing that my Nintendo Switch, as well as the various accessories that go along with it, is well protected as I travel is a huge bonus for me. If you think you might travel a few times a year with your entire Nintendo Switch unit – to a hotel, on vacation, or to visit friends and family – then the PDP Elite Player Backpack is the perfect option!


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