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More Thoughts From Me #109: What Are the Nintendo 3DS Games of 2018?

Nintendo is currently very focused on the Nintendo Switch. They released a ton of games for the system and will be releasing even more this year. And yet, they still have the 3DS too and have said there will be games for it this year. They have already released a new Kirby game in January and will release Detective Pikachu in March. But will there be other games? What will those other games be?


I love the Nintendo Switch. I play it all the time. That said, I still play my 3DS a lot too. I’m not one of those gamers who has a PS4/Switch or a Switch/Xbox One or whatever combo of consoles you have going. My main two systems are the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS.

And while I do realize that the 3DS will be going away, sooner or later (most likely sooner), Nintendo did say that they would have games for the system this year. We have seen a Kirby game in January and next month we’ll see another Pokemon spinoff. I do think we’ll see other games too!

The 3DS is still selling very well. Yes, Nintendo has abandoned the Wii U, but the 3DS is not that system. Nintendo has a large audience for the 3DS. Not all of those people have switched over to the Nintendo Switch. And hey, some of them might be like me: a Switch and 3DS owner. I don’t think Nintendo is ready to abandon the 3DS yet.

So what games will we see from Nintendo and when will they announce them? To answer that second question first, I think we’ll see Nintendo announce some 3DS games next month. Detective Pikachu will be coming out next month but after that, we don’t know of any other 3DS games coming from Nintendo. I doubt Nintendo will let the 3DS go months without a new game.

So will we be getting a 3DS/Switch Nintendo Direct next month? I hope so! I’d love to see both systems spotlighted. Then again, Nintendo might just announce 3DS games via social media and let the Directs just be about the Switch. I hope that won’t happen but its a possiblity.

As for what games we might see, well, I think Dragon Quest 11 is a strong possibility. Yes, I know thats from Square Enix but I think Nintendo might publish the 3DS verison like they have done with previous Dragon Quest 3DS games. I could definitely see a game like Dragon Quest being shown off during a Nintendo Direct!

I also think another Mario game for the 3DS is a possibility. another New Super Mario game or a game with Wario or Luigi. Maybe even another sports Mario game. And a Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS isn’t out of the realm of possiblity. I heard people talking about a Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Gameboy) remake awhile back. That game would be perfect for a remake for the 3DS.

Yes we have seen a lot of Mario and Zelda games for the 3DS, though I don’t think we are done seeing these games for the system. Of course, the Mario and Zelda games could be E3 announcements. Maybe we will only see one more game for the 3DS before E3 this year. I’d love for that game to be the next Dragon Quest!

Nintendo is impossible to predict though. It could be that all my guesses for the 3DS are wrong. Maybe Nintendo will let 3rd parties like Atlus continue to support the 3DS and only bring smaller games to the 3DS for a little while. I hope that prediction is not true. I want to see Dragon Quest 11, another Zelda, and ya, I’d even take another 3DS Mario game. Please Nintendo, continue to support the 3DS for a little while longer. Not everyone has Switched off the system for good.

What do you think about the 3DS? What games do you hope to see for the system this year?

Next week: Reader questions! Have a question for me? Want to know what I think about (fill in the blank)? Send me questions and I’ll try to answer as many possible!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Please bring Dragon Quest 11 to the 3DS Nintendo and Square!


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