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Fans Petition to bring Kingdom Hearts 1.5 to Xbox 360


It’s no secret that there were some Xbox 360-only owners desperate to play the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix collection that was released last year but, alas, their call for a port went ignored. There’s a million reasons it might not have happened, but that hasn’t stopped one plucky fan from starting a petition to change things, and it’s a petition that’s begun to pick up speed.

With over a thousand signatures so far (but 29,000 more to go), it’s fair to say that Brian Davis – the creator of the petition – is not alone in wanting access to Kingdom Hearts 1.5 – which contains Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories and video from 358/2 Days.

There has yet to be a kingdom hearts game on xbox 360. Kingdom hearts is a fantastic game with tons of action and it deserves to be on all console systems. This game should not just come out on ps3 like it is an exclusive Square Enix is a third party company and making Kingdom Hearts only come out on ps3 disrespects its fanbase on the xbox 360. 

These are loyal dedicated fans who are brave enough to let their opinions be known, and to show how much they are yearning for kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix on Xbox 360. Like many fans we want to be able to play the saga from the beginning, before 3 comes out and would like to be able to play one of the best games ending this consoles generation and not miss out because we don’t have a certain platform. 

Will it change anybody’s mind as to whether the port will be worth doing? The chances are that it won’t. Never say never though, they’re edging their bets to bring a version of Kingdom Hearts 3 to Xbox One, so perhaps both HD collections will just to new-gen consoles as time goes on.


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