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Tropico 6 Beta Access Preview

While not slated to be released until January 25th, 2019, the latest from developer Limbic Entertainment and publisher Kalypso, Tropico 6 is already available via Beta Access for pre-purchases. As someone who has a rather complicated relationship with the Tropico franchise, I approached the Tropico 6 Beta Access with cautious optimism. It is always a hard job to review a game before its official release. There are bound to be bugs and issues, but it would be unfair to dwell on those and not judge the game for what it will look like when it is fully released. ...

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The Colonists Review

Released late last month, The Colonists is a casual city builder from the one-man, UK-based indie developer Codebyfire. Inspired by classic games such as The Settlers and the Anno series, The Colonists adds some welcome twists and innovation to a genre that at times can fall into a very repetitive pattern.

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