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Xbox One X Coverage: Disneyland Adventures in 4K

With the Xbox One X rolling out to retailers and consumers tomorrow, Microsoft has done double duty in making sure a good number of review consoles have hit the market, with games that have already received updating to support 4K and HDR. One of those titles, Disneyland Adventures, doesn’t seem like the type of game that reviewers would want to use to show of their Xbox One X, but I understand the reasoning: it’s a kids game, and Microsoft wants to make sure that every parent knows that getting an Xbox One X isn’t just for them.

Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland Adventures was a fairly well received title on the Xbox 360 and supported Kinect Play. Years later, the Kinect functionality has been stripped from the title – although still optional for those still using the sensor – and players can now explore Disneyland completely with a controller. Disneyland Adventure is a fetch quest fans dream, and a nightmare for the majority of other gamers. You will wander around a well detailed Disneyland performing quests for the wide variety of characters you will interact with.

As an added gameplay touch, you can also use your camera to find hidden Mickey heads throughout the park, as well as hit up those famous Photo Pass booths to get that great picture for the collection.

That’s about it for Disneyland Adventures; why are we talking about it now then? Well it is one of the titles that has received a 4K and HDR update from Microsoft for the Xbox One X, and while it definitely makes the game look better, remember the last iteration of this tittle was on the Xbox 360. Even on the Xbox One or Xbox One S, Disneyland Adventures is bound to look better. From the S to the X, you will notice a significant colour improvement, although it wasn’t ultimately as vibrant as I would have hoped.

The disappointment here is that the game isn’t running at 60 frames per second, and it definitely shows. Ultimately, Microsoft will be able to introduce this if they wish in a future patch, but it’s disappointing to see it not be an option on Xbox One X right away.

Disneyland Adventures will forever be the first title I’ve played on the Xbox One X, thanks to a sick child at 3 AM. With the brief time I spent with the game,  I admit I have no regrets. For my kids, however, this will be one of their go-to titles for many weeks. Microsoft might appear to be a console for adults, but they definitely had families and kids in mind when rolling out 4K upgrades!


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