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>observer_ Launches Today on Xbox One and PS4

Have you ever played a video game, sunk many hours into it, and realize that a familiar phrase out of your mouth was, “What the hell did I just watch and play?” Those games, generally, are the ones that keep you playing, keep you guessing, and in some situations, begin messing with the deepest part of your mind as you navigate the various puzzles and elements the game throws at you. A few hours into >observer_, and I can tell you that this is definitely the case.


Launching today on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, >observer_ is a cyberpunk horror story title driven by shocking revelations, outstanding audio cues and soundtrack, and a story that will mess with your head in more ways than one. It’s a horror story lacking the traditional horror elements you might expect, but even a few hours in, walking around any corner continues to be a tense moment for me as the player.

You will play as detective Daniel Lazarski who is an Observer, an elite neural detective with the authority to hack and invade suspects’ minds. Essentially, what you see will disturb you and stir the technophobe inside your psyche. Remember these concerns, that “robots will take over the world” and the “government is implanting chips into people? Now you can live it in the year 2084.

Check out the trailer below and see if this is something you want to pick up. As someone who doesn’t generally enjoy horror titles, I only took enough time to put it down to write up this short launch day article! Now, it’s back to the grind! We will have a review soon here on the site so stay tuned!


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