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Get Your Halo Bluetooth Speakers Preordered!

A few months ago, we posted an article detailing the upcoming release of the Halo Bluetooth speakers. Preorders for both the Spartan Helmet and Red and Blue Spartan Athlon Helmets are now live, and longtime – or new – Halo fans can grab something that not only serves a great purpose within your home, but looks great too.

Master Chief Front Facing

From AC Worldwide, the company behind these speakers:

“Standing at over 30cm tall, these true replica speakers can adorn your room and bring superior sound quality to your gaming soundtrack. Connect via Bluetooth or NFC to your smartphone or plug in your Xbox via AUX cable, to enjoy clear, crisp audio playback. When pairing via Bluetooth the voice of the Master Chief himself, Steve Downes, utters the phrase, ‘I have a job to do’ – the first-ever Halo product to boast this unique feature.”

Fans can preorder the helmets now by visiting Those that preorder will get a limited edition matching base plate for their speaker, original production run certificate of authenticity, and have the option to add their Gamertag or other ID to the unit.

Here is more on various preorder bonuses and pricing:

“As an added bonus for early customers, Halo fans that order within 14 days receive 25% off the retail price and will be entered into the draw to win helmet number ‘117’. Halo fans that order within 28 or 60 days will receive a 15% or 10% discount respectively.  SRP is £169 / $239 /€199”

For more on these helmets, as well as full reviews after launch, keep it with


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