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Gylt is out now!

Gylt is a very personal game that comes from the close experience of one relative of a studio member. Her little cousin was suffering from bullying at school. And what’s more terrifying than what’s more realistic and closer to our daily lives.

We developed this original idea into a delicate horror game in which our young protagonist, Sally, is looking for her missing cousin, Emily. In her journey she will start running away from bullies and will be taken into a weird and more dangerous version of the city. There she will meet the worst nightmares from Emily. And this is where our tagline makes sense: Fear the shapes, shape the fears! Our little protagonist will have to hide from them or fight them back, when possible, using a simple flashlight.

Gylt screenshot

Bullying is a Serious Thing

Don’t be mistaken, this is a game and you will have fun, be scared and jump from your couch. But as we said, school bullying is what moves us all.

During the development of Gylt we worked closely with a group of professional psychologists. They helped us present bullying in a delicate way.

For the launch of the game we’re collaborating with Safe in Our World, an international organization engaged on that matter. If you’re feeling different from usual or you have noticed a change in your behavior, you can learn about some common feelings and mental health symptoms, how to cope with them, and where to go for help. Visit for more information and resources.

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Stephen King, Coraline and Alan Wake are behind Gylt‘s Inspiration

Does the name Bachman sound familiar to you? That proves you’re into horror literature. Richard Bachman was the pseudonym used by Stephen King during the ‘70s for some of his novels, and that’s the name we chose for the school in the game.

And who hasn’t already watched “Coraline”? If you’re familiar with the creation of Neil Gaiman you’ll find that we took some inspirations for the atmosphere of the movie in our game, as well as from Alan Wake.

As horror fan lovers we are not ashamed to say that we took inspiration from some of the best.

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Is This Game for me?

When we say that the game is suitable for younger audiences we’re not saying that an adult or a hardcore horror gamer can’t enjoy it. What we are saying is that there is no gore, no bad language and no real weapons. The creatures’ designs, the atmosphere and the music will send shivers down anyone’s spine.

All players will face the challenge of fighting the monsters or hiding from them, as well as solving puzzles on the way to find Emily, while enjoying a meaningful story. And if you pay attention to the collectibles and to the writings on the walls you will go deeper into the story of Bethewood city and its habitants.

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The Music Makes it All

If you take out music and sounds from any horror creation, it stops being scary. That’s why for Gylt we partnered with the recognized worldwide composer Cris Velasco, responsible for the music of CarrionVader Immortal or Clive Barker’s “Jericho”. But he’s also like a member of the Tequila Works family, since previous to Gylt he has worked on The Invisible Hours and Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son soundtracks.

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