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Zombie Vikings Review

Zombie Vikings

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Zoink Games-Zoink Games-T
Genre: Indie


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5.0 - Gameplay
5.5 - Video
5.0 - Audio

Zombie Vikings Review

A perfect game to play with a group of friends, the newly released Zombie Vikings is a visual treat that offers an exciting setting in which to beat the crap out of enemies (and your friends!). The protagonists of Zombie Vikings are Norse legendary warriors who have been brought back as brain-eating zombies to help an senile old wizard retrieve his last good eye which as been stolen by the trickster God, Loki. Meeting eccentric allies along the way and developing new powers and weapons to fight even the toughest of foes, the vikings will stop at nothing to complete their quest.

Another Indie Smash

Developer and publisher titles for Zombie Vikings are credited to Zoink Games the creator of another indie gem called Stick It To The Man!. The unique and cleverly over-exaggerated art style of the former returns for this game, giving it a well-polished art design that lacks no inspiration. The style conveys that even the most repulsive looking character was given every attention to detail while being created. The music, voice acting, and writing all serve to aid the art in capturing a truly special story with unforgettably imagery.

Recovering Odin’s Lost Eye

The fabled Odin brings our heroes back from their graves as zombies and promptly sends them on a mission to recover his last good eye, stolen by Loki who has since fled. Traveling the wild and strange world created by Zoink Games, the player makes their way through level after level of carnage. Zombie Vikings is a sidescroller beat’em up that focuses heavily on swarms of enemies and side quests that send the player to find a lost item in hopes of a new in-game sword that is infused with the aforementioned item. Along the pathway, weapons kiosks can also be found for players to purchase new swords as well as runes that benefit the player with new buffs like reckless speed and increased health. These items can also be bought at the beginning of each level when the player also has the opportunity to select a new character.


The vikings who head Zombie Vikings are four  unique undead heroes. You have the choice to play as: Caw-Kaa, a sassy female viking who was raised by crows and uses their dark powers to her advantage, Seagurd, a nautical viking who has since death been infused with a octopus who allows him to spit ink and trash opponents, Gunborg a classically buff female viking who uses brute strength to demolish anything in her way, and lastly Hedgy a tiny and insane viking who uses pure energy and explosives to make his way through hordes of enemies. Each viking has their strengths and weaknesses and special weapons that only they can use. The ability to switch from one to the other each level gives players the chance to try out each.

A game with huge amounts of creative design, clever writing, and a variety of absurd and amazing characters, Zombie Vikings is truly a visual funhouse. However, the nature of button-mashing beat’em ups is that they tend to become somewhat repetitive –and  Zombie Vikings is no exception. Playing with a group of friends definitely breaks up this monotony, but playing single-player would prove to be quite monotonous indeed. Zombie Vikings is now available on Steam and Playstation 4 at the cost of $20 and boasting mostly positive reviews so far. This is a great party game for any fan of unique art, clever world creation, and beating up baddies with some of the most creative weapons and characters ever thought up.




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