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Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders Impressions

Taking on the mantle of Robin Hood in a video game isn’t new, but Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders throws a fresh curveball by blending action-adventure RPG elements with a hefty dose of base building and survival. Here’s a deep dive into my experience playing it on PC:


Living the Bandit Life:

  • The game definitely captures the essence of Robin Hood’s legend. You’ll rob the rich (Sheriff’s patrols and tax collectors) to help the poor (villagers who desperately need food and resources). Stealing feels strategic, not mindless, as you weigh the risk of getting caught against the potential rewards.
  • Combat is a mixed bag. While archery feels rewarding, swordplay can be clunky. Mastering dodges and parries is crucial, especially against tougher enemies.
  • The forest itself is a character. Uncovering hidden pathways, resource caches, and even bandit hideouts scattered throughout adds a nice layer of exploration.
  •  Witnessing your small camp transform into a bustling town filled with grateful villagers is immensely satisfying. The base building mechanics are intuitive, offering a good variety of structures with clear purposes.
  • As your town grows, so do your responsibilities. Assigning villagers to jobs, managing resources, and keeping everyone fed and happy becomes a delightful, albeit time-consuming, aspect of the game.
  •  While not as free-form as some builders, the game allows for some creative town planning. You can position structures strategically and create a town that feels uniquely yours.
  • The narrative progresses at a steady pace, offering quests that tie into the Robin Hood mythos. Unraveling the Sheriff’s plot and helping the townsfolk adds purpose to your actions.
  • Visually, the game is decent but not groundbreaking. The environments are lush and varied, but character models and animations can feel a bit rough around the edges.
  •  Performance can be a bit hit-or-miss. On a decent PC, things run smoothly, but frame rate drops can occur during hectic combat or when your town gets sprawling.



Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders is an enjoyable experience, especially for those who crave a unique blend of genres. It’s not without its flaws – the combat could be smoother, and the visuals could be sharper – but the core gameplay loop of robbing the bad guys, building a haven, and helping the downtrodden is strangely compelling.

Here’s a quick breakdown of who might enjoy this game:

  • Fans of Robin Hood: The game does a good job of capturing the spirit of the legend, offering a fresh take on the classic tale.
  • Base Building Enthusiasts: The town building mechanics are well-implemented and provide a satisfying sense of progression.
  • Survival Game Lite: If you enjoy the resource management and environmental challenges of survival games but prefer a more forgiving experience, Sherwood Builders might be a good fit.

However, if you crave top-notch visuals, tight combat, or a super polished experience, you might want to temper your expectations.

In conclusion, Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders is a charming and surprisingly deep game that offers a unique take on the Robin Hood legend. While it has some technical shortcomings, the core gameplay loop is engaging, and the sense of satisfaction you get from building your own Sherwood sanctuary is undeniable.



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