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EPOS H6PRO Gaming Headset Review

EPOS H6PRO Gaming Headset

Release: January 1, 1970
Genre: Audio Accessories, Headphone Reviews


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As the gaming industry continues to grow, so too does the number of companies who are making high-quality gaming accessories. EPOS is a long-standing brand for professional headsets, in fact they are well known for providing headsets so reliable that they are used by air traffic controllers. For a company that is equipped to handle the pressures of a product whose reliability can be a life-or-death situation, making gaming headsets shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever. So let’s dive in and see how the EPOS H6PRO performs!


Normally I try to come up with some sort of clever or meaningful lead in to my review. I honestly feel that doing that to this headset would be a disservice to it. The EPOS H6PRO is simplistic perfection. It is available in both closed and open acoustic models, depending on individual preference. We opted for the closed acoustic version to review and couldn’t be happier. My ears have never been bothered by closed acoustics sets and the reduced ambient noise something I greatly enjoy.

Aside from crystal clear audio, an impressive dynamic range, and extreme comfort, the EPOS H6PRO sports one of the most impressive headset microphones I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. I can confidently say that if I had to operate without a standalone mic, this is by far the mic I would prefer to use. Equally as impressive is the fact that, for users such as myself who DO have a standalone microphone, the magnetic boom mic simply snaps off and a cover snaps into its place so that you would never even know it was supposed to have a microphone attached. This is a very elegant solution to a design issue that many headsets with removable microphones face.


As someone who lives in a world of wireless and USB-enabled connections, the one downside of the EPOS H6PRO is that there are only two connection options: 3.5mm stereo jack or split headphone and microphone jacks. And this is really only an inconvenience on my PC, where those jacks are pre-occupied by my external speaker systems. For use with gaming controllers, it is a perfect fit and honestly is the main reason that I use this headset for all of my console gaming.

I truly cannot emphasize enough how high quality the sound in this headset is. Even at very high decibels (I like loud music, and I do know it’s bad for my hearing) the distortion is minimal, and for a gaming oriented headset the H6PRO dives quite deep into the bass to provide a rich, clear audio experience. I am quite at a loss on what I would do differently for a gaming headset, apart from more connectivity options.

At the end of the day, we here at GamesReviews have no qualms in recommending the EPOS H6PRO to even the snobbiest audiophile gamers you know! It really offers a premium level listening experience to those who have the budget for a good quality, durable gaming headset.


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