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Escape from Norwood Review

Escape from Norwood

Release: September 13, 2023
Publisher: Singular Works
Developer: Singular Works
Genre: Reviews
PEGI: 12


Worth a Play About Rating
10 - Gameplay
7 - Video
7 - Audio

Cursed with a magic which does not fit within the five cardinal aelic callings, 13-years old Lecia has to hide from the guards and find a way out of the city. Yet this magic will allow her to sneak into places and observe plots and schemes that could shake the foundations of Magistan, as the Empress’ progress approaches Norwood. What secret ties her family and an empire where the only discrimination is based on the order of birth?

Mostly text-based, but showcasing detailed 2D backgrounds for its many locations, Escape from Norwood lets you free to explore the world and try to combine hundreds of items in any way you want, to trigger unexpected effects on the lives of its vast cast of characters.


By using the uncanny abilities of invisibility magic you can protect yourself and learn intimate and state secrets alike, in this story-rich game. This freedom comes with simplicity: no text prompt ever shows up, simply click on someone, something or somewhere to see the possible interactions and choose among them… for dozens of hours of play and discovery.

Escape from Norwood combines 80’s text adventure imagination with 90’s point and click streamlined interactions. Add a pinch of 00’s open world and 10’s forgiving gameplay to live a unique experience that feels both classic and modern.

It’s been a long time since I have played a text-based adventure game, so I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. While yes in its heart of hearts its text based, however it has plenty of modern enhancements that makes this a much fresher experience.

The coolest thing about this game (besides its very fun and unique story) is the layout that you play in, instead of the black screen with just text and you type in your actions it’s played in a grid pictured above. The top left features the story and interactions as they occur.

The top right features your interactive map, which you can click on to change rooms, move to a different area, etc. The bottom left features your inventory and items you can use an interact with. Finally bottom right features your actions and environment, there you will see details of what is in the area you are currently in and how you can interact with it, whether it’s pick things up, hide, etc.


Everything (once you get used to the layout) is easy to follow and play along. The only downside is without a clear tutorial or instructions it may take a little time to get used to everything and how it works. You can however download a demo on steam right now and give it a shot.

All in all this is a very fun and different experience from what we normally see, and since its text based but enhanced with more modern gaming features, it’s exciting to see the possibilities of how you want to play it and what the game lets you do and experience. Our Escape from Norwood review was made possible with a key provided by the developers. Escape from Norwood is available on SteamAndroid and iOS.



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