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Creative MUVO 2 Speakers Review

Creative MUVO 2 Speakers

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Creative Labs
Developer: Creative Labs
Genre: Hardware


Excellent About Rating

The marketplace for portable Bluetooth speakers in incredibly crowded; the quality across all the brands is usually sub-par, with each company working towards having the cheapest item on the market. After all, when taking your music to go, often quality gets sidelined for convenience and size. Creative’s MUVO 2 Bluetooth Speaker enters this marketplace with a few extra tricks that definitely makes it stand out among the rest.

Solid Design

There is nothing cheap about the MUVO 2; in fact, this rugged speaker has taken a number of tumbles from the shelf above the bathtub – I’ll explain this later – and hasn’t broken or scratched, nor has the audio become distorted in anyway because of damage on the inside.

That being said, this is generally par for the course when looking at speakers in this price range. Since portability is generally the reason for purchasing, they are, in most cases, built to handle a tumble every once in a while. However, I note it here to demonstrate that Creative is on par with the other brands.


Another great feature in the design of the MUVO 2 is the inclusion of an SD card port. This may seem trivial to some, and no doubt it won’t be used by very many people. However, I’ve loaded a number of audio files on a SD card, slipped it into the speaker, and used it way more often than I do the Bluetooth pairing or USB connection, and here is why.

Water Resistant

A lot of Bluetooth speakers today are water resistant in some way, and are great to have in your showers or out by the pool on a hot summer day. For our family, the MUVO 2 is generally on a shelf above the bathtub, and playing all my kids favorite Disney tunes while they take a bath.

Multiple tumbles into the water – mind you, we pull it out right away – have not affected the speaker; as it is billed as water resistant rather than waterproof, I was a tad shocked to find now internal damage because of being submerged in water. It should be no shock, than, that splashes from the kids don’t affect this speaker in the slightest.


The SD slot is incredibly valuable in these situations, and for two reasons. First, I’m not leaving my cell phone in the bathroom while my kids play in the tub for an hour. Since it functions both as a personal phone and a work phone, I need it by my side at all times. Second, when using it while taking a shower, many phones can be very sensitive to the humidity in the air generated by the shower, which could cause water damage.

The speaker itself can be paired from fairly far away, so leaving your phone outside the bathroom while using the speaker inside is an option.

Setting it Apart

Apart from the SD card integration, the MUVO 2 is like any other wireless, Bluetooth, water resistant speaker on the market. However, one extra feature sets it apart; should you be able to get two of the MUVO 2 speakers – and at 79.99 USD, that is not out of the realm of possibility – you can pair them together to create a set of speakers. In some cases, you could put each paired speaker in two separate rooms, but it does output in stereo, so certain sounds from songs will only come out of the master speaker, or secondary speaker, and not both.


This might not be the flashiest Bluetooth speaker on the market, but the MUVO 2 does enough to differentiate it from those attempting to compete. Even the SD card slot – which might seem useless to some – really comes in handy when using the speakers for your kids.

After using these speakers, I’m tempted to purchase a few more and put them in all the bathrooms in my home. Now if only Creative had included a strap or a mount with the speaker. That would have been great!

Overall, we highly recommend this product. If you are in the market for this type of speaker, this one stands above the rest, at a great price point too!


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