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Dice Legacy

Dice Legacy

Release: 09/09/2021
Publisher: Ravenscourt Maple Whispering Limited
Developer: DESTINYbit
Genre: City Builder, Indie, Strategy


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8.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
7.0 - Audio


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Dice Legacy a challenging beautiful game that is about making tough and important decisions that will be the change the fate of your community by a roll of a dice.

Dice Legacy is a survival city builder where you lead your realm by rolling the dice that will determine your fate of how you lead your realm, and it is one of the main game elements of the game, in this fantasy Steampunk World. Dice Legacy is a game of chance where you can lead your people, discover uncharted lands in this gorgeous world, what is your legacy? How will you lead your people? Can you overcome the harsh winter?


The world you step in Dice Legacy isn’t a typical common strategy world or landscape that people are used to in many strategies city building game, the world you in is in the shape of a ring, within these rings you will start in one area and the continue expanding the borders of your realm, gathering resources, constructing building and discover factions that also on this ringworld.


The fate of your realm and your people is in the hands of a roll of a dice, these dices can do many things from gathering resources, to creating food or other important needs for your people to constructing many different types of building that will benefit your realm before the winter blizzard which I believe is the most challenging part of the game because you never know what to expect so make sure you always prepare for the challenge.



After being released about a week ago, this is for sure not an easy game, I have to say this is quite challenging at the level of another game I have played in the past which is Frostpunk. I probably had to restart like 5-10 times before I can even survive one winter and understand the concept of the game. It like a calm before the storm because you are just gathering resources and expanding your realm to prepare your people for the upcoming winter where this can get really challenging where you are doing so many things at once just to survive the winter.