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Broforce Forever (Xbox Series X)

Broforce Forever (Xbox Series X)

Release: August 8, 2023
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Free Lives
Genre: PS5 Reviews, Reviews, Switch ReviewsXBox One ReviewsXbox Series X Reviews
PEGI: 12


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
8.5 - Audio

When America needs to dole out some democracy, there’s only one gang of soldiers brave enough to answer the call: the Broforce. Made up of familiar (but not too familiar) faces from favourite action films and TV series of the 80s and 90s, you get to chew gum and kick ass through dozens of hilariously funny levels.

And while the original game came out in 2015, Broforce Forever – the final update – was released earlier this month. And it’s a fantastic way to experience the campaign for the first time.

Full of surprises, references and annoying falling rocks, this is a game that has to be played to fully appreciate. And in couch co-op if possible. I guarantee you won’t laugh harder this week.

But if all it was parody, it’d be harder to recommend. It is so much more than that. Broforce is almost everything the 2D run and gun genre can offer in an incredibly addictive package.


Broforce is relatively simple. You must get from one end of the 2D retro-inspired map to the other. On the way, a variety of soldiers who can one-hit kill you will do everything in their power to limit your progression.

Luckily, you have American blood on your side. Classic characters like Rambro, Indiana Brones, Ash Brolliams and dozens of other Bros are ready and willing to inject patriotism into the veins of every dangerous country in the world. Or, in other words, every country that isn’t America.

You do this through explosive attacks, giant specials, whips, guns legs and acid spit. Save characters to unlock more to play as. Endless choise is the name of the game.

That extends to the gameplay as well. Because, yes, you can shoot your way through an endless army of enemies. And it’s incredible satisfying too. Or you can destroy the environment to work your way past danger too. Or shoot the ground from under your opponents so they fall to their death.


This mix of second-to-second action, where a single bad move can cost you your favourite character, and the choice to approach in an entirely different way gives incredible variety. Naturally, couch co-op only enhances this. You can play online too, but you miss out on the pure hilarity of squashing your wife with a giant rock just because you shot through the ground a little more than you expected. Endless laughs.

The new DLC adds some bonus characers – including Broffy the Vampire Slayer and Demolition Bro – as well as an improved campaign and additional levels. The whole game can be finished in a couple of sessions, so going back (or playing for the first time) is highly recommended.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look incredible on a large OLED screen. Naturally they’re very stylised, and the pixel style isn’t to everybody’s liking. But it’s an excellent example of it. Add bonus points for destruction. Being able to turn a lush green town into a smoking collection of holes hasn’t been this satisfying since Worms, and it looks great.

Audio is exactly in the spirit of what you’d expect, and you’ll be rocking out patriotically even if, like me, you’re an English Bro and have no ties to America at all.

Special mention to the attention to detail regarding the moves and sound effects. If you’re a fan of the films these characters are parodying, you’ll notice little nods that’ll heighten the experience. Tank Bro’s whistle to call in her tank, for instance, or Xebro’s battle cry. This was obviously made by people passionate about the source material.

Broforce Forever Review – Conclusion

I don’t remember the last time I had such a purely entertaining gaming experience. Broforce Forever is a fantastic release, and a great addition to Game Pass. It is endelessly entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of old action films, and more than a little challenging as a gameplay experience. Attempt Ironbro mode for a real difficulty spike – in which you can only lose each character once before you fail your mission entirely.

So grab a friend and a couple of controllers, and prepare for an incredible night of action, Bromance and, god, falling rocks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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