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Creative T50 Wireless Speaker Review

Creative T50 Wireless Speaker

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Creative Labs
Developer: Creative Labs
Genre: Hardware
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Excellent About Rating

A few weeks back, we reviewed the wonderful Creative T4 2.1 Wireless speaker set. We highly recommended these for a smaller living room or gaming room, but said they might be a bit large for an average sized computer room. Don’t fret however, because Creative has thought of those people as well. Enter the Creative T50 Wireless speaker set.

This is a review in progress. As we spend more time with the speakers we will update our impressions of them. So far, so good!

While they look like a larger version of your regular computer speakers, they are packed with power and blue tooth technology you won’t normally find in computer speakers.
Creative sent over these speakers along with many others that they currently have on the market, so look for all of our Creative reviews in the near future. Read on for our thoughts on the Creative T50 Wireless speaker set!


Out of the Box

When you unpack the T50 speakers you might think they look a lot like Creatives T30 model, and you would be right, almost. However, with three drivers on each speaker instead of 2, the T50s are actually a lot larger when compared side-by-side with its predecessor.
Inside the box you will find two speakers, an RCA to 3.5mm adapter, stands to mount your speakers on, and a power cord. Everything looks great, and when these are set up around my computer, they have a look of elegance as well. While most speakers look cheap and often tacky, the T50s black design will fit well with most computer setups.

All of the audio controls are on the right speaker, and are pretty straight forward. Treble and bass can be controlled using the knobs. The one added bonus to this speaker set over others is the inclusion of Bluetooth technology, which can be activated and paired to by using the button on the front of the speaker; this set is also NFC enabled. If you don’t have a Bluetooth or NFC device, you can always hook up your audio devices via the analog cable.

Small Foot Print, Big Sound

In my home, the key to a good speaker set is how small the footprint is on my desks and floor, and how few wires are required to get the best quality audio. I can safely say that the Creative T50 is excellent in this regard. Although they are larger than your average computer speakers, these are not your average computer speakers, and therefore a comparison between the two seems out of place.
With only one wire connecting the two speakers, and a single power cord, there is very little wire mess to deal with around your desk. This is a big improvement over the Creative T4s which requires more wires and more space in and around your desk.
Although the audio output from the T50s is not at the same level as the T4s, I think the smaller footprint and less wires makes it a more attractive option for your average office or desk space. And although I can notice slight differences in audio quality between the two sets, the T50s are no slouch when it comes to pumping out quality audio.

Audio Quality

Without the subwoofer, the bass on this system is not going to be as impressive as 2.1 systems, but this one does more than most. I was incredibly impressed with the audio that was coming out of the speakers, regardless of whether I was playing PC games, watching movies, or listening to music.

The sound quality is great, even when you max out the volume levels. If you own a small apartment, this would be all the system you would need to fill your entire living space, without distortions. The highs and lows are on point, and when you work the treble and bass to get your ideal sound, you notice obvious differences as you turn the knobs. Too often with these more expensive models, the dials work more on a 1-10 scale, rather than a gradual movement.
For a great sound test, watch this great YouTube video from Tuan Do:

A Minor Gripe

Not everything was great when I was reviewing theT50 system; my biggest complaint was how quickly the speakers would enter into sleep mode, and even when audio was triggered again, you would have to power on the speakers again to have the audio fill the room. It would have been much more convenient for the speakers to wake themselves up instead of having to turn them on each time.


While the Creative T50 2.0 Wireless Speaker set won’t compete with 2.1 systems when it comes to bass, they are some of the most impressive speakers on the market at this price point. At only 159.99 in the US, this affordable system is great for anyone with a smaller office space or small apartment. With its Bluetooth and NFC technology, this isn’t just a computer speaker set. You can hook up any audio device you choose with all the input options.
The quality of the sound will fill most spaces, without distortions. Trying to find the perfect balance between your treble and bass is something that might take a bit of work, but once you hit that sweet spot, you will appreciate your purchase even more.



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