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Kasda AC 1900M Smart Wifi Gigabit Router

Kasda AC 1900M Smart Wifi Gigabit Router

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Kasda
Developer: Kasda
Genre: Hardware


Great About Rating

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: I’ve never reviewed a wireless router in my whole entire life, but somehow I hope my thoughts will be qualified enough for you to actually consider them! I know how Internet works, and getting the opportunity to try out a new router in a home I just purchased was an outstanding, and eye opening, experience. Today, we will be looking at the AC 1900M Smart Wifi Gigabit Router from Kasda. Read on for more!

The Kasda router lineup is pretty extensive, so finding the one that suites you best might be a somewhat difficult task. As I do frequent audio, hardware, and software reviews from major video game companies, my representative at one of these outlets who also represents Kasda recommended this router to me. I’ve had it for a number of months now, and have interchanged it with my old router, and a router I had purchased just ahead of getting this one. After breaking down the major selling features of this unit, we will look at a few pros and cons.

AC 1900M Smart WiFi Gigabit Router

  • Dual Band Gigabit 802.11AC Router
  • 5GHz 1300M & 2.4GHz 600M WiFi data rate
  • Build in antenna 3T3R for 5 GHz & 3T3R for 2.4 GHz
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 for backwards compatibility

If a lot of what is written above confuses you, don’t be alarmed. I would argue that the majority of people purchasing a router – and frankly, the majority of people selling routers – don’t actually know what they are buying or selling. Often, it’s a hot product that get recommended, or they are purchasing one based on the recommendations of someone with a bit more knowledge. In my old home – a small 2 bedroom house – I had a competitors router that did the necessary job of blanketing my house with Wifi. It came with no bells or whistles, and couldn’t even network a hard drive for easy access from all my devices.

When I moved, I upgraded to a router recommended by a friend that would help with the Wifi signal for my larger house. For the most part, this router did the trick, but limited my WiFi connectivity when outdoors, a significant distance from the router itself. When swapping between the Kasda router and my current router, I did notice a significant wireless boost when further away from my unit, which has allowed me to easily stream Spotify, even in the furthest corners of my back yard.

Installing this router is fairly easy, and despite a few issues attempting to locate firmware updates for the device, everything else seemed pretty run-of-the-mill. My old router was a medium sized cylinder so the space footprint was fairly small. If I have one big complaint about this unit from Kasda, it would be that the space it takes up is significantly more, which made me have to do some reconfiguring in the area where my router usually rests. This ended up being an extra added expense, and although the router looks pretty great on display – meaning you won’t feel obligated to bury it in a closet – the space it could take up in an entertainment setup could be a major turn off for potential buyers for a slight upgrade on WiFi signals.

I truthfully cannot get into the ins and outs of this router based on the technology inside, but when comparing it to a more expensive, highly recommended product, it performs as good, and sometimes much better, than what I’m using now. If you are in the market for a new router, look no further than Kasda. If you can get past the space it will take up in your entertainment area, you’ll be pleasantly surprised for the price.




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