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5.5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

blank Read Review The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Batman might have ruined the superhero genre for us. While that type of title has never been especially strong on the whole, Arkham Asylum and its sequels proved that it could be done. So why are Activision still ...


3.0 Into The Dark Ultimate Trash Edit...

blank Read Review Into The Dark Ultimate Trash Edition Review

What's with the current trend of releasing games and then bragging about how bad they are? As YouTube has become more popular, these "joke" titles have become the focus of thousands who want to be in on the humour. ...


6.5 Daylight

blank Read Review

Daylight is a survival horror game that is procedurally generated, creating a new experience each time you play, however, while rooms and location of items change, the experience doesn’t feel entirely “new.” ...


6.5 Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dea...

blank Read Review Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead Review

If you've never played a third person RPG such as Diablo or Sacred, then perhaps Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead is the game you ought to pick up. It's simple enough to grasp within a few minutes, but ...


9.0 The Wolf Among Us A Crooked Mile

blank Read Review The Wolf Among Us A Crooked Mile Review

The Wolf Among Us’ third episode, A Crooked Mile, represents a turning point for Telltale’s unique, fairy-tale based game series. Following the slowly paced second episode, Smoke and Mirrors, which acted as a filler ...


4.0 Goat Simulator

blank Read Review Goat Simulator Review

Goat Simulator is wacky, which is distinctly different to funny. Sure, it provides a certain amount of amusement, like only a goat strapped to a rocket can, but the amount of laughs you'll be having are minimal. ...


7.0 Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea E...

blank Read Review Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review

Bioshock Infinite was fairly unique in that it was entirely self-contained with room for discussion, but with plenty of opportunity for DLC. The idea of multiple universes isn't a new one, and it always opens itself ...


6.5 The Walking Dead Season 2 A House...

blank Read Review The Walking Dead Season 2 A House Divided Review

When we last left Clementine, she'd either decided to save Nick, the young, slightly arrogant man who'd caused trouble all episode, or Pete, who had been bitten by a zombie. This probably best highlights the ...


6.5 Good Game Movie

blank Read Review

The elusive career path of “Playing video games for a living” has tantalized an entire generation of gamers. The obvious route of beta testing is a grueling chore that pits players against buggy code for endless ...


8.5 South Park The Stick of Truth

blank Read Review South Park The Stick of Truth Review

There have been a lot of South Park games over the last two decades and they've all be leading up to The Stick of Truth. Never before has there been a game that so accurately captures the show, both in construction, ...


7.0 LocoCycle

blank Read Review LocoCycle Review

Artsy-smartsy games like Bioshock and Spec Ops: The Line have ruined video games. Nowadays players can't just sit back and enjoy a game. Now they're expected to look for symbolism and all that other tweedy ...


8.0 Typing of the Dead Overkill

blank Read Review

SEGA's House of the Dead is a gaming institution, not because it's especially good (although it does what it does very well), but because its purposefully shaky action and dialogue makes it stick in the mind. Being ...


6.0 Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe

blank Read Review Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe Review

Old-timey PC gamers might recall a game from the 80's called Shufflepuck Cafe, a science-fiction air-hockey sim with overt influences from Star Wars. The new PC game Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe takes the same concept ...


8.0 Race the Sun

blank Read Review Race the Sun Review

In Race The Sun players control a fast-moving hovercaft that speeds through an endless landscape of abstract geometric objects. Enormous cubes, cones, and walls fill the world as the player hurtles ever forwards ...


8.5 A Wolf Among Us Episode 2

blank Read Review A Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Review

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2-Smoke and Mirrors continues Telltale’s Fable-based series in excellent fashion. This second episode lacks the excitement of the first, but it provides a much more complex outlook into ...


6.5 Assassins Creed Liberation HD

blank Read Review Assassins Creed Liberation HD Review

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD might have been a good idea six months ago. Take a popular, critically successful Vita game and port it to consoles and PC. Why not? There are a lot of people that wanted to see this ...


7.0 Deadly 30

blank Read Review Deadly 30 Review

The developers behind Deadly 30 absolutely have to be zombie game fans. It's a cunning combination of Call of Duty's Zombies, Left 4 Dead and a dozen other supernatural franchises that have defined the last few ...


9.0 Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

blank Read Review Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance sent up some red flags when it was announced; it didn't have Snake as a playable character, it wasn't part of the main Metal Gear storyline, and it was an action game with very little ...


7.0 The Walking Dead Season 2 All Tha...

blank Read Review The Walking Dead Season 2 All That Remains

After the shocking conclusion to the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, Clementine is back. The timing is perfect: the TV show has hit mid-season after a shocking finale and multiple sales, including the ...


7.0 Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 3 Gaming Ke...

blank Read Review Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 3 Gaming Keyboard Review

The keyboard that came with a Dell might be good enough for a civilian, but Space Marines, Dovakiin, and Zombie Hunters need a little more out of their primary input device. Mad Catz makes some very elaborate gaming ...


8.0 Final Fantasy VIII Steam

blank Read Review Final Fantasy VIII Steam Review

Final Fantasy VIII was completely mind-blowing to those of us who had been obsessed with Final Fantasy VII. The locations were dark, the characters followed you around and they even managed to have hands. It helped ...


7.5 Saints Row IV How The Saints Save...

blank Read Review Saints Row IV How The Saints Saved Christmas

Twas two weeks 'fore Christmas, the calendar did say, And nerds wanted new video games to play. Their hard drives were packed with ancient DLC Like Battlefield maps and Burial at Sea. They craved new ...


8.0 Broken Sword 5

blank Read Review Broken Sword 5 Review

Broken Sword is one of those point and click titles that just keeps on trying. Like Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island, there's something about the nostalgia behind those original titles that have kept people ...


7.0 Jane Austens Estate of Affairs

blank Read Review Jane Austens Estate of Affairs Review

There are certain things that will always be of interest to hidden object and casual adventure enthusiasts: anything with a little intrigue and classic literature. Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs, by Legacy, has ...


8.5 The Stanley Parable

blank Read Review The Stanley Parable Review

Where do I begin? Where do I end? Where do I middle? When it comes to The Stanley Parable, there's no real way to review it, just as there is no real way to play it, or finish it, or even describe it on a basic ...


7.5 Amnesia A Machine for Pigs

blank Read Review Amnesia A Machine for Pigs Review

I’m sure when most people think of Amnesia they think of creatures popping out at them, chasing them and constantly trying to kill them. Well Amnesia A Machine for Pigs takes a completely different approach to ...


6.5 Deadfall Adventures

blank Read Review Deadfall Adventures Review

Last gen the action adventure genre evolved into something far more controller, more linear than it ever had been before. The likes of Uncharted and Tomb Raider put personality and story ahead of pitting you against ...


7.5 Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea

blank Read Review Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Review

Bioshock Infinite was one of the best received games of the last year, and it's no surprise that the DLC has caused something of a splash. Placing both Booker and Elizabeth in an alternate timeline in Rapture, the ...


5.5 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure...

blank Read Review Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Review

If you're a core gamer of yesteryear, you can stop reading here. You will hate Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. Whatever you felt Pac-Man was about - how you felt he spoke, where he lived, what his reasoning ...


8.0 Enslaved Odyssey to the West Prem...

blank Read Review Enslaved Odyssey to the West Premium Edition

Enslaved Odyssey to the West was a criminally underrated title based on the Chinese classic Journey to the West, made popular in the UK by television show Monkey (or Monkey Magic, if you're from the US). ...


8.0 Saints Row IV Enter The Dominatri...

blank Read Review Saints Row IV Enter The Dominatrix Review

“Too crazy for Saint's Row.” That's how the developers at Volition describe the new DLC pack Enter The Dominatrix. Or rather that's how the characters in the game describe their new adventure. Fans of the series ...


9.0 Gone Home

blank Read Review Gone Home Review

Gone Home is special. A creation designed to grasp the industry and its fans by their collar, and show them how a mature and painfully honest story should be told. While some games are set in fantastical worlds, ...


9.0 The Wolf Among Us Episode 1Faith

blank Read Review The Wolf Among Us Episode 1Faith Review

Following the success of The Walking Dead, developer Telltale Games continues its trend of churning out compelling narrative experiences with the recent release of The Wolf Among Us. Based off of the Fables comic ...


6.5 The Raven Legacy of a Master Thie...

blank Read Review The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief – Chapter 3 Review

The time has finally come for The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief to reach its conclusion. This Agatha Christie inspired mystery has had its ups and downs, but has been a relatively enjoyable experience thus far, ...


6.5 Lego Lord of the Rings

blank Read Review Lego Lord of the Rings Review

I'm sure there was a lot of scoffing when they announced the original LEGO Star Wars. Taking a toy license that was based off of a movie license and digitizing it must have seemed like the worst idea in the world, ...


7.5 NBA 2K14

blank Read Review NBA 2K14 Review

While EA has cornered the market on NFL games (by default, really), 2K has appeared to do the same with NBA sports simulations. While publisher Take-Two Interactive has been accused of just releasing roster updates ...


6.5 Outlast

blank Read Review Outlast Review

It's a bit odd that the Resident Evil games have become synonymous with Survival Horror. After all, they're about heavily-armed police officers who kill zombies by the hundreds. Real fear comes from facing an army ...


7.5 Lost Planet 3

blank Read Review Lost Planet 3 Review

Lost Planet 3 is quite different from its predecessors. Opting to take a more Western approach to the series, Capcom turned to the American developers over at Spark Unlimited in an attempt to make this third ...


7.5 The Raven Legacy of a Master Thie...

blank Read Review The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief Review

After playing through chapter one of The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, I walked away with mixed feelings. The puzzles were a mess, and the story was a downright bore until Constable Zellner hopped aboard a ship ...


5.0 Disney Castle of Illusion Starrin...

blank Read Review Disney Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Review

While everyone was still celebrating the announcement of DuckTales: Remastered, the reveal of another modernization of a bit-era Disney classic flew by everyone's radar: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.


9.0 Rayman Legends

blank Read Review Rayman Legends Review

When it comes to platformers, the Rayman games are typically hailed as being among the best. 2011's Rayman Origins was a critical success, and with the announcement of Rayman Legends, fans have been clamoring for ...


7.5 System Shock 2

blank Read Review System Shock 2 Review

After the success of the Bioshock franchise, many have tried to look back at other games involving creator and lead writer Ken Levine. Most roads lead back to System Shock 2, a game that was obviously a deep ...


8.5 Divinity Dragon Commander

blank Read Review Divinity Dragon Commander Review

The king has been murdered by his three children, but not without siring a illegitimate heir. After having an affair with a dragon (who we're assured was in female human form at the time), a child is born. You're ...



blank Read Review SMITE Review

For anyone on the outside looking in, the MOBA genre can look like a scary one. There are too many numbers, too much clutter on the screen, too many characters, abilities, items and you have to work as a team! I ...


9.5 Saints Row IV

blank Read Review Saints Row IV Review

The Saints Row series started out as a free-roaming criminal rampage game that was very close to Grand Theft Auto, but by the time Saints Row The Third showed up the developers had pretty much abandoned the idea of ...


8.0 Europa Universalis IV

blank Read Review Europa Universalis IV Review

Europa Universalis is a franchise where you don't just control a country or play a king, you are the ruler of your very own nation. That comes with all of the good and all of the bad. The power to do whatever you ...


7.0 Dust An Elysian Tail

blank Read Review Dust An Elysian Tail Review

The creation of any video game requires a great amount of time, work, and skill to pull off, even with a vast team of developers with various skills. Due to the complexity of the medium, it is unheard of for a ...


9.0 Neverwinter

blank Read Review Neverwinter Review

Neverwinter, a game set in the D&D universe, started as a series of isometric RPG games with a heavy focus on pausable strategic combat. Since then Neverwinter has evolved into a free to play MMO with fast paced ...


8.0 DuckTales Remastered

blank Read Review DuckTales Remastered Review

Like many that grew up during the 8-bit generation, I have an intrinsic love for Capcom's DuckTales for the NES. I found its music, visuals and level design to be among the best during that time, and I revisit it ...


8.5 Splatter

blank Read Review Splatter Review

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to breathe new life into the zombie genre. Most developers are looking for the angle that nobody has done before, trying to make zombies terrifying all over again and ...


9.0 Papers Please

blank Read Review Papers Please Review

While many indie developers are attempting to make old genres relevant again, there are those that are trying to create new ones. One such dev is Lucas Pope, with his latest game, Papers, Please, being labeled as "A ...


7.5 Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine

blank Read Review Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine Review

Three things in this world are certain: death, taxes, and stealth missions in video games. Some games include stealth missions for variety or back-of-box feature lists, and others include them as an alternative to ...


9.0 Gunpoint

blank Read Review Gunpoint Review

What happens when you blend a puzzle game with adventure and stealth elements, a pinch of comedy, and a dose of noir? The answer is Gunpoint, a unique indie game that is impossible to be tied down to a single genre. ...


8.0 Rise of the Triad

blank Read Review Rise of the Triad Review

Rise of the Triad is one of those success stories that just don't happen enough in the gaming industry. Essentially a fan game, it was created by people who loved the original Rise of the Triad (released in 1994), ...


7.5 Shadowrun Returns

blank Read Review Shadowrun Returns Review

Shadowrun's last appearance in video game form wasn't that pretty, leaving fans disappointed that Microsoft decided to turn their cyberpunk, urban fantasy pulp RPG into a multiplayer shooter. Thankfully, the ...


5.5 Prehistorik

blank Read Review

Prehistorik, when it was originally released back in 1992, got decent enough reviews and something of a following. What's interesting is how quickly it aged, though. Reviews from 1994 spoke of it as if it was an old ...


5.0 The Inquisitor – The Plague...

blank Read Review The Inquisitor – The Plague Review

Nicolas Eymerich, the main character of The Inquisitor, is not a nice man. While the likes of Guybrush Threepwood and Eric Idle's Rincewind kept us playing with their fish-out-of-water optimism, Nicolas has already ...


6.5 The Raven Legacy of a Master Thie...

blank Read Review The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief Review

Releasing games in chunks similar to a TV show seems to be a growing trend among developers, thanks in part to the success of Telltale's The Walking Dead. German developer KING Art, notable for their award-winning ...


8.5 The Pit MindGames DLC

blank Read Review The Pit MindGames DLC Review

Mind Games is a DLC that adds a slew of new content to Sword of the Stars: The Pit. It includes new levels, new weapons, new items, and new enemies. But, the most exciting addition is the psionic powers, along with ...


8.5 Sword of the Stars The Pit

blank Read Review Sword of the Stars The Pit Review

You are the last hope for mankind as a deadly plague is killing your world. Your mission is to travel deep into an alien facility that may or may not have the necessary resources to create a cure. This place is ...


4.5 Dark

blank Read Review Dark Review

The combat in Dark sucks. By extension, this means almost all of Dark sucks, as it's built, by and large, around this idea of combat. You see, it's a little known fact that vampires can only clumsily walk up to ...


8.0 Pester

blank Read Review Pester Review

Pester is a top-scrolling shoot 'em up where you fly your ship against tons of enemy fighters, dodging an occasionally absurd amount of enemy fire, grabbing power-ups and wiping out as much alien scum as you can ...


8.5 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition &#...

blank Read Review Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition – PC Review

While not without its hangups, Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition is a solid fighter that takes the franchise back to its roots while pushing it forward at the same time. The fantastic campaign, combos that require ...


8.0 Final Fantasy VII Steam

blank Read Review Final Fantasy VII Steam Review

Final Fantasy VII is a classic. Its story, its score, its mechanics - for many this was the game that defined what RPGs should be. With another re-release, this time on Steam, Square Enix proves time is no barrier ...


7.5 Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

blank Read Review Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Review

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards is perhaps Sierra's most notorious adventure game. While it's not as crafted as their later work, creator Al Lowe managed to make it and its sequels cult classics ...


8.0 Cry of Fear

blank Read Review Cry of Fear Review

I love when great games are born from mods. Take Day Z for example, originally a mod for Arma II and is now getting its own standalone title because of its popularity. Cry of Fear is a mod of Half Life 1 but, unlike ...


8.5 Dont Starve

blank Read Review Dont Starve Review

It seems like every game they release these days calls itself a 'survival' game. How many of them actually are? To me, if you are calling a game a survival game, that implies consequence. If you are playing a game ...


6.0 Deadpool

blank Read Review Deadpool Review

High Moon Studios, most notable for their Transformers titles, have taken it upon themselves to finally give Deadpool, Marvel's infamous antihero, a starring role in his very own video game. It's a game that ...


9.0 Borderlands 2 Assault on Dragon K...

blank Read Review Borderlands 2 Assault on Dragon Keep DLC Review

While I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Borderlands 2 like a fiend the last ten months, I never found myself to be fully satisfied with the game. Sure, it feels great to get all the uber-rare weapons and mods and take ...


7.0 Knights of Pen and Paper +1

blank Read Review Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Review

Knights of Pen and Paper is a game designed to take you back to a time when a group of likely slightly smelly individuals would sit around a table, getting engrossed in a story of their own creation. By lovingly ...


7.0 Pro Cycling Manager 2013

blank Read Review Pro Cycling Manager 2013 Review

Each and every year sees the release of dozens of sports management simulators, and the vast majority of them are extremely niche. While the likes of Football Manager destroys millions of man hours each year, ...


6.5 Magrunner: Dark Pulse

blank Read Review Magrunner: Dark Pulse Review

Taking cues from Portal, 3AM Games' debut title is one of the many physics-based puzzlers that have been emerging as of late. Initially conceived on Kickstarter, Magrunner: Dark Pulse uses magnetism as its core game ...


6.0 Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Wit...

blank Read Review Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within Review

With light beams shimmering around sails, and the deck glistening with a mixture of rain of seawater, the opening gameplay of Jack Keane 2 is a more cinematic adventure than you’d expect from point and clicks. You ...


4.0 Dracula 4

blank Read Review Dracula 4 Review

The Dracula franchise started as a PS1 game back in 1999 and a mere three sequels have been released since, with each subsquential title being made by a different developer each time. This time it's the turn of ...


7.5 Sonic After the Sequel

blank Read Review Sonic After the Sequel Review

Sonic After the Sequel is a fan made retro-inspired Sonic game set between Sonic 2 and 3 that was released as a free download this week. It's not a hack or a rebuild of something SEGA decided to ditch, but a full ...


8.0 Alice Madness Returns

blank Read Review Alice Madness Returns Review

As a manly man, I like my games to be very manly. But every now and then I'll set aside my lumberjack simulators to play something on the girly side. Among the girliest of games was American McGee's Alice which came ...


5.5 Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

blank Read Review Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Review

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a game by Spicy Horse, originally released as a web browser title and now available for early purchase as a downloadable on Steam. It's still in development, with new features on the way ...


7.5 Title Bout Championship Boxing 20...

blank Read Review

Since releasing Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5 back in 2008, the boxing simulation series has laid dormant, as Out of the Park Developments shifted their focus full-time to their baseball management sim, finally ...


8.5 The Swapper

blank Read Review The Swapper Review

Facepalm Games is a small developer that's had some buzz surrounding them ever since they debuted The Swapper a couple of years ago. Since then, the game has received plenty of accolades and awards in the indie ...


8.0 Skyward Collapse

blank Read Review Skyward Collapse Review

How can God be omnipotent and benevolent yet the world be filled with constant war and unending suffering? Perhaps there is a greater god out there who wants nothing more than to sit back and watch as humanity wages ...


7.0 C64 Forever

blank Read Review

Back in the days when 64 kilobytes of RAM was impressive, there was the Commodore 64. Released in August 1982 (with a price tag of $595), the Commodore 64 brought 16 colors, three-channel sound, and it's iconic blue ...


8.0 Fez

blank Read Review Fez Review

Fez was a long time coming, and even longer if you didn't own an PC. Although it was discussed, at length for many years, legal and personal problems constantly delayed the original 360 version and Fish's outspoken ...


6.5 Remember Me

blank Read Review Remember Me Review

For many, science is frightening. For all of the wonderful and amazing things it's capable of, numerous people fear that in the wrong hands science can, and will, be used for evil. To be sure, this has happened ...


6.5 Curse of Nordic Cove

blank Read Review Curse of Nordic Cove Review

The Curse of Nordic Cove is an unabashed indie game. The graphics are primitive, the controls are frustrating, it is filled with “What the hell am I supposed to do NOW?” moments, and much of the time the damned ...


4.5 Might & Magic Heroes VI SoD

blank Read Review Might & Magic Heroes VI SoD Review

Return to Ashan in Shades of Darkness, a new expansion to the hugely popular Might & Magic Heroes VI. With over a dozen new units and a conservative announced guess of 20 hours of new gameplay (We all know we'll ...


9.0 Saints Row 2

blank Read Review Saints Row 2 Review

On March 15th 2013, Saints Row IV was officially announced. Rewind to 2006, a little known game called Saints Row was hitting the shelves for the very first time. Since the game was released solely on the Xbox, I ...


7.0 Amiga Forever 2013

blank Read Review Amiga Forever 2013 Review

After downloading my copy of Amiga Forever, I came across a friend who was so excited for this emulator that he'd changed his status to "Amiga Forever" on Skype. What I'd taken as a simple emulator (with a little ...


4.5 Fire and Forget

blank Read Review Fire and Forget Review

Alas, had I played Fire & Forget on a mobile device, my opinion might have been different as I can see how it would appeal to mobile and casual gamers. Views and opinions are strictly based on the PC version of the ...


8.0 The Incredible Adv. of Van Helsin...

blank Read Review The Incredible Adv. of Van Helsing Review

In 2004 Hugh Jackman made a movie called Van Helsing where he fights vampires and werewolves. There was a tie-in game based on it, but neither the game or the movie were worth remembering nine years later. The new ...


4.0 Bad Bots

blank Read Review Bad Bots Review

Another day, another indie side-scrolling shooter. They seem to be a dime a dozen currently, but that's OK since they serve a purpose – fast entertainment on the cheap. Point 5 Projects' Bad Bots is another 2D ...


8.0 Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

blank Read Review Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Review

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm continues the epic story and intense multiplayer action of its predecessor, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (WoL), while refining the experience further as an eSports franchise. The ...


6.5 Game Dev Tycoon

blank Read Review Game Dev Tycoon Review

If you've heard of Game Dev Tycoon, there's a good chance it's for one of two reasons. Either you've seen the story of their day one anti-piracy stunt, in which developer Greenheart Games uploaded a version of their ...


6.5 Mars War Logs

blank Read Review Mars War Logs Review

Cyberpunk RPGs aren't very common in gaming, so I'm always intrigued when I hear about a developer taking the genre for a spin. Mars: War Logs is the most recent post-apocalyptic RPG to surface, but the game's ...


6.0 Leviathan: Warships

blank Read Review Leviathan: Warships Review

With one of the funniest trailers of 2013 behind it, Leviathan: Warships was perhaps something that initially caught people off guard. Armed with an abso-boat load of terrible puns, people took to this game like ...


7.5 Zeno Clash 2

blank Read Review Zeno Clash 2 Review

The first Zeno Clash game could be easily summed up as “A game where you get punched in the back of the head every ten seconds.” That’s both a literal description of the gameplay, and the effect of the visual ...


9.0 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

blank Read Review Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon came out of nowhere. “This is just an April Fool's joke!”, people claimed. “Oh, it's just going to be some lousy DLC!”, cried the cynics. Thankfully, none of this was true, and the ...


8.5 Path of Exile

blank Read Review Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile is a new MMORPG from Grinding Gear Games, currently in open beta. The new action RPG introduces exciting and complex new elements to the genre, and should be a delight to fans of games such as Diablo 3 ...


4.5 Surgeon Simulator 2013

blank Read Review Surgeon Simulator 2013 Review

So it's come to this. The likes of Farm Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator have become beyond a joke, have become mainstream and apparently deserve a parody of their own. From YouTube onwards, Surgeon Simulator 2013 ...


5.0 Sacred Citadel

blank Read Review Sacred Citadel Review

Arcade style beat 'em ups are becoming fashionable again in the gaming scene. Many have either bought new gameplay concepts to the table or have been clever reimaginings of old franchises. The Sacred series, which ...


8.5 Papo & Yo

blank Read Review Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo is a puzzler platformer, but only on the most superficial level. Players do push blocks around and jump over things, but Papo & Yo will also force players to wrestle with emotional issues like childhood ...


8.5 SWTOR – Rise of the Hutt Ca...

blank Read Review

Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the new digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, injects new life into the game a few months after its first anniversary. Players have had a love/hate relationship with SWTOR since ...


9.5 Out of the Park Baseball 14

blank Read Review

Unlike most iterative sports game series, the Out of the Park development team never rests on their laurels in the off season, making it one of the only sports titles worth purchasing on a yearly basis. Out of the ...


7.0 Gravi

blank Read Review Gravi Review

Gravi is a puzzle platformer, not entirely like the well-loved Super Meat Boy. Like Super Meat Boy, it pits your mind and reflexes against sharp objects, dangerous pitfalls and molten lava. Like Super Meat Boy, your ...


7.0 Age of Empires II HD

blank Read Review

There's a fine line when re-releasing a title, between making modern and leaving a kind of older charm. The team behind Age of Empires II HD have decided not to even approach that line. The risk of modernizing one ...


Resident Evil 6

blank Read Review Resident Evil 6 Review

In what appears to be a bid to garnish more sales for the aging franchise, Capcom has decided to shake things up in the Resident Evil universe. With four campaigns, multiple playable characters, Mercenaries mode and ...


8.5 Evoland

blank Read Review Evoland Review

Evoland is a love letter to a genre long past its golden age. By combining your favorite elements from The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Diablo, it manages to act not only as a nostalgic trip through some of ...


8.0 Defiance

blank Read Review Defiance Review

There have been a number of attempts to bring the MMO to consoles and they have, by and large, been unsuccessful. Instead of building a game to play with a controller in front of the TV from scratch, developers ...


7.0 Masters of the World

blank Read Review Masters of the World Review

If you’ve ever looked through the papers, hoping to find a shred of explanation as to why politicians act the way they do, knowing full well that you could do a far better job, Masters of the World is for you. It’s ...


8.5 Trials Evolution Gold Edition

blank Read Review Trials Evolution Gold Edition Review

Trials HD was perhaps one of the most difficult games of this generation. Getting through the later levels took such a degree of timing, so much muscle memory and a healthy dose of luck. For Evolution, Red Lynx ...


8.5 WoW: Mists of Pandaria

blank Read Review WoW: Mists of Pandaria Review

Mists of Pandaria is the fourth expasion to the ever popular MMO, World of Warcraft This time around, players will be leaving the sundered lands of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom to head to (you guessed it) ...


7.5 The Showdown Effect

blank Read Review The Showdown Effect Review

Action movies in the eighties were simple. There were two sides – good and evil. A large muscled man (quite often with only the smallest grasp of the English language, and I’m not just talking about Arnie) would ...


8.0 Crysis 3

blank Read Review Crysis 3 Review

Crytek is a studio known for pushing the technological envelope in game development. The Crysis series in particular has become infamous for its incredibly demanding system requirements, alongside its staggering ...


9.5 Tomb Raider

tomb-raider-2013 Read Review Tomb Raider Review

Lara Croft is a gaming icon, a woman that, in the nineties, became the very symbol of video gaming and its place in society. Although many of the people who saw her in newspapers and magazines couldn't tell you that ...


8.0 Football Manager 2013

blank Read Review Football Manager 2013 Review

Football Manager 13 was released last September, just in time to cause poor exam results up and down the country this year. A crown I’m sure it was keen to keep from last year, as the Football Manager series has ...


9.0 The Bridge

blank Read Review The Bridge Review

When Braid hit the Xbox, it was a wake up call to indie developers. Smart and simple games could flourish in this new generation of high-powered graphics. The Bridge is an indie 2D puzzle game where players control ...


7.0 ShootMania Storm

shootmaniastorm Read Review ShootMania Storm Review

Shootmania Storm was announced at E3 last year and then was instantly forgotten. Lost amongst talk of Assassin’s Creed 3 and Watch_Dogs, Shootmania didn't seem to offer an awful lot. A short match between two teams ...


7.5 Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edi...

blank Read Review Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate is often regarded as one of the finest role-playing games in existence. Initially released in 1998, it was BioWare's second title and proved to be influential not only for BioWare's later works but for ...


8.0 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

blank Read Review Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

Repackaged and re-released, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive provides a great and affordable, competitive, multiplayer FPS experience. The timeless classic hasn't evolved much from the first Counter-Strike back ...


8.0 Faster Than Light

blank Read Review Faster Than Light Review

Roguelikes can be an acquired taste. The randomness, the perma-death, and the genre’s notorious difficulty can leave a bitter taste in the mouths of some gamers. Well-crafted titles like FTL, however, can embrace ...


9.0 Battlefield 3

blank Read Review Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter from the development company Dice, and was the showcase game for their new graphics engine, the fabled Frostbite 2. The game features a compelling campaign based on a United ...


9.0 Saint Row 3

Saints Row 3 Read Review Saint Row 3 Review

Saints Row III seems like a hard sell. It’s essentially “Grand Theft Auto… But More OUTRAGEOUS” and it’s easy to imagine consumers thinking that GTA is already sufficiently outrageous. However, while the GTA ...


8.0 Strike Suit Zero

blank Read Review Strike Suit Zero Review

The space shooter genre is relatively uncommon these days. In the 90s and early 2000s, though, they were a dime a dozen. These games were a staple in any PC gamers collection and recently there has been some minor ...


9.0 The Walking Dead Season 1

blank Read Review The Walking Dead Season 1 Review

Telltale Games have truly outdone themselves this time, providing such a phenomenal, interactive experience which would make any Walking Dead fan proud. The Walking Dead: The Game features five 2-3 hour long ...


9.5 Borderlands 2

blank Read Review Borderlands 2 Review

The first Borderlands was one of the breakout successes of 2009. With its incredibly unique blend of first person shooter action with role-playing game character customization, Borderlands was an instant phenomenon. ...


8.0 Dota 2

blank Read Review Dota 2 Review

It took an awful long time and a lot of legal wrangling with Blizzard for Valve to be able to call their new game DotA 2, but that’s what it is. In terms of spirit and content, this is the follow-up to the top ...


3.5 Omerta City of Gangsters

blank Read Review Omerta City of Gangsters Review

Omerta – City of Gangsters had a lot of promise. It’s developed by the same people that make the endlessly fun Tropico series and promises a Gangster-based strategy game, not really something we’ve seen since the ...


9.0 Left 4 Dead 2

blank Read Review Left 4 Dead 2 Review

When Valve announced Left 4 Dead 2, the internet imploded. Fans had been promised a wealth of DLC, long-lasting support and now the developers had had the nerve to release a sequel. After mild controversy around ...


7.5 The Cave

blank Read Review The Cave Review

The Cave brings together Monkey Island alumni Tim Schaefer and Ron Gilbert for a brand new adventure game unlike anything you’re likely to have played before. Pick from a cast of seven characters and explore a dark ...


8.0 The Sims 3

blank Read Review The Sims 3 Review

The original Sims game was a massive leap forward for gaming. News articles were run announcing that AI had finally got to a point where little people could run around inside your computer and teenage boys ...


8.5 Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

blank Read Review Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Review

Star Craft 2: Wings of Liberty, is part one of three planned expansion packs to be released by Blizzard over the next following years, allowing the gamers to play the story from completely different races. Just like ...


8.5 Dead Space 3

dead-space-3 Read Review Dead Space 3 Review

Dead Space 3 brings a lot to the franchise that has had long-time fans hesitant in their purchase. Trailers and the demo seem to show a game not so much survival horror as third person action, more like Gears of War ...


8.5 Hotline Miami

blank Read Review Hotline Miami Review

Hotline Miami is an interesting indie title that was released in late 2012. The gritty game has received numerous awards and accolades, particularly for its soundtrack and gameplay. I've logged many hours playing ...


8.0 Chivalry Medieval Warfare

chivalrymedieval Read Review Chivalry Medieval Warfare Review

Chivalry Medieval Warfare released at the end of last year as a surprisingly good sword- fighting game from an independent studio. It successfully captured the finesse and brutality of hand-to-hand combat in the ...


7.5 Rush Bros

rushbros Read Review Rush Bros Review

When Super Mario Bros. arrived, beating the game was a source of pride for most players. Those with poor reflexes or a low threshold for frustration would fizzle out before finally finding the right castle and ...


6.5 LOTR: War in the North

lotr Read Review LOTR: War in the North Review

Lord of the Rings: War of the North was supposed to be a darker, more adult game for those of us old enough to appreciate the films when they first came out. It was going to have a deeper story, more intense combat ...


9.0 Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja Read Review Mark of the Ninja Review

Stealth games are an odd sort. Numerous titles these days feature at least some sort of stealth mechanic, but most of them don't use the concept of “stealth” as the primary gameplay element. In recent years, Deus ...


8.0 The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac Read Review The Binding of Isaac Review

The Binding of Isaac is a 2D indie game, and is, without much of a doubt, near the top of its respective market. The game is based on the biblical story of the same name, in which a little boy called Isaac flees ...


8.0 DMC: Devil May Cry

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Perhaps Capcom and Ninja Theory started off on the wrong foot when it came to DmC: Devil May Cry. From its initial announcement, people have been offended - literally offended, as if their four year old had been ...


9.0 Guild Wars 2

blank Read Review Guild Wars 2 Review

Guild Wars 2, arguably the most anticipated MMORPG of 2012, hit the markets August 28. The game claims to be the next gen MMO that will set the standards for the genre in the years to come. Made by Anet, the same ...


9.0 Batman Arkham City

blank Read Review Batman Arkham City Review

Set one year after the events of its predecessor, the Dark Knight returns in his never-ending crusade against crime and villainy in the second installment of the new Batman games. All the inmates of Arkham Asylum ...


9.5 Fifa 2013

blank Read Review Fifa 2013 Review

The FIFA franchise is one of those games that comes back every year, usually with a few small alterations and breaks sales records every time. It has obtained the credibility that all game producers strive to ...