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Two Point Campus Space Academy Review

Two Point Campus Space Academy

Release: December 6, 2022
Publisher: Two Point Studios
Developer: Two Point Studios
Genre: PlayStation 5 Reviews, PS5 Reviews, Sim, SimulationXBox One ReviewsXbox Series X Reviews


Great About Rating

Last year one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences was getting to review Two Point Campus, as a big fan of Two Point Hospital and Theme Hospital before it way back in the day this was a no brainer. The gameplay is fun, relaxing tone, humorous writing, what’s not to love? In fact, you can read my whole review HERE. So obviously when they announced the Space Academy DLC, I was already with my astronaut ice cream and tang!

Space Academy adds in even more awesome content to an already jam-packed game, note you cannot dive just into the DLC you have to have played a bit of the core game before the content is available, which is a good thing as this is a little more challenging with more nuance than the main experience. You get three new maps (campuses) to play in: Universe City, Cape Shrapnull, and Cheesy Heap.



Space Knight School
A nomadic offshoot of traditional (land-based) knighthood. Nothing tests your bottle quite like the endless void, let me tell you…

A field unconstrained by gravity and common sense. Astronauts flout traditional beliefs and float off into the ether. You may not like it, but you would say that you’re probably a Capricorn.

Cosmic Expansion
For generations, Two Pointians have looked to the stars and thought “I’m going to own that someday!”. Thanks to alarming technological advances, that’s now a very real, unfortunate possibility.

Space Academy
Life in space isn’t all shooting stars and dodging lasers. No, it’s mostly just protocol and ironing your uniform. Become confident in space from the comfort of wherever this is.

Cheese Moongery
No one wants to see how the cheese is made.

Countless alien civilizations have studied humanity during our relatively brief existence, but most have stayed at a safe and understandable distance, until now!


  • 3 new campus locations
  • 6 new courses with fully animated classrooms
  • 6 new student archetypes
  • 3 new events including Sci-fi Conventions, Space Battles and an out-of-this-world gig act.
  • New Time Tourism Club

You start off training new folks to be astronauts, then space heroes and eventually you even educate aliens. This DLC really comes from left field on it but does more than just add things to the surface. You need to purchase transport to get students to space (so it limits how many new acceptances you can have) and then of course you have to deal with falling meteors that your janitorial staff have to deal with, but then the remnants make students sick, so you need more nursing staff….yea there is ALOT going on here. But it’s great because it adds a new level of difficulty for folks who have stretched the limits of what the game has to offer.


All in All, nothing truly groundbreaking, but definitely worth the $9.99 price tag if you were a fan of the base game this is an easy sell.



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