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Bramble: The Mountain King Review

Bramble: The Mountain King

Release: April 27, 2023
Publisher: Merge Games
Developer: DimFrost
Genre: PlayStation 5 Reviews, PS5 ReviewsXbox Series X Reviews
PEGI: 18


Great About Rating
7 - Gameplay
9 - Video
9 - Audio

Bramble: The Mountain King first got my attention after seeing a few TikToks highlighting some of the gameplay. To me it looked like a blend of Little Nightmares mixed with fairytale like story building. Once it hit consoles and was available to play on Game Pass I figured it was time to check it out. What I experienced went from a heartwarming and quirky fairytale and turned into a dark, macabre, and nightmarish experience I won’t soon forget. This makes Little Nightmares seem like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Players take on the role of Olle, a young boy who must embark on a dangerous journey to save his sister, Lillemor, after she gets abducted by a grisly troll. What begins as an innocent late-night jaunt through the forest evolves into a treacherous rescue mission. Olle encounters an assortment of creatures from Nordic mythology, ranging from loveable gnomes to hideous trolls. While some monsters prove to be friendlier than they appear, most will spare no time in beating Olle to a pulp if given the chance.

Bramble is narrative-driven in a literal sense, as the story is conveyed through fairy tale books that Olle finds on his journey. Each storybook recounts a tragic tale that gives context and informs how each creature came to be. The books are read aloud by a narrator who also occasionally chimes in during gameplay to provide additional narrative details. The game is very much get from point A to point B, but along the way you have platforming, stealth areas and lots of puzzles to solve.

A screenshot of Lemus giving Olle a helping hand.

The boss creatures are utterly terrifying and only get worse and worse as the game goes along. Most bosses require you to use the stone of courage, the only weapon you have to take them down. Bosses also have levels to them as they battle goes on, they adapt and introduce new attacks and mechanics to worry about as you go along. The story isn’t terribly long but it is rather engaging. The first couple of hours will have you riding on the back of a hedgehog and playing hide and seek with Gnomes, the last couple of hours will have you stabbing a shapeshifter in the face repeatedly and trying desperately to prevent a ritualistic sacrifice of an infant. It gets REAL dark folks, sorry.

A screenshot of Olle preparing to jump across lily pads in a pond after being spotted by a troll.

This game is definitely worth checking out, the graphics are great, the sound engineering was done superbly especially when playing with headphones, and alot of the set building and camera angles are staged perfectly. If you are a fan of Little Nightmares this one is a no brainer, and if you aren’t but this still catches your attention, check it out on Game Pass if you have the option while it’s still there.



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