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Devious Dungeon Review

Devious Dungeon

Release: March 30, 2018
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Platformer, Role-playing, Switch Reviews
PEGI: 10+


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

As I said in my preview for Devious Dungeon, the game is so addictive that I wasn’t even sure I’d get this review done. Here it is though and you may wonder: is Devious Dungeon as good a game as I said it was in my preview? Is this a game that you must download right now? Please check out my review below to find out my final opinion of Devious Dungeon for Nintendo Switch.

The story in Devious Dungeon isn’t important. We get a brief story at the beginning of the game, but its quickly forgotten in favor of the gameplay within. And I’m ok with that, mostly because Devious Dungeon is so addictive and so much fun.


In Devious Dungeon, you will start out in the King’s Castle and go through a portal to various dungeons. Each of the dungeons you visit are randomized. So if you die before getting to the save point (the game auto-saves), then you’ll go back to the castle. And then when you go back to the levels you didn’t complete, they are not the same levels.

Each level in this game has a number but the levels change every time you play them. So even when you have to “repeat” a level, you will find that level has a totally different layout, the treasures, enemies, secret hiding places, key to the next doorway, and the next doorway itself are all in different places. This randomization makes Devious Dungeon a lot of fun.

Devious Dungeon is a hard game. You will die a lot. But thanks to the random nature of the levels, you won’t ever feel like its a pain to go through the same level again. Thats not to say none of the levels don’t feel like one you’ve played before. Sometimes you’ll come upon a level that is similar to another level you’ve played. That doesn’t happen often though. There is so much variety in this game.

Its also great that your character levels up, gets new armor, weapons, and more. You keep all of the loot that you get in a dungeon, even if you die. So there is progress even if you are struggling with a hard level. The higher up in the levels you get, the harder the game gets, but you get a lot of help by buying weapons and such. The game’s combat, meanwhile, is pretty simple and yet also addictive and fun.

The controls in Devious Dungeon are simple to learn and you can easily jump and attack with the buttons and analog stick. Devious Dungeon doesn’t use any of the Nintendo Switch’s specific features like touch controls, HD rumble, or motion controls. Its too bad it doesn’t, but the game is so addictive and so fun that you won’t be bothered too much by its lack of Nintendo Switch features.

Devious Dungeon is a great game. Its combat is simple, yet its dungeons are huge, full of treasure and secrets to find, new enemies to behead, and of course you get a lot of new cool weapons and armor to wear. Best of all is that the weapons and armor actually show up on your character model. The graphics in this game are 2D but they are the best looking 2D graphics I’ve seen on the Switch yet.


Devious Dungeon is a very detailed 2D game. The sprite work in this game is great, the hub world you start out is full of cool details, and each dungeon, while random, still has its own unique and interesting look. The enemies is this game especially stand out. All of the cool armor and weapons you can equip actually show up on your character. I think thats pretty amazing!

I really like the look of this game and to its credit, it looks great in portable mode and on the TV. I thought the characters would look small on the TV but they actually look just as good on the television as they do in portable mode.

As for the game’s music, its pretty good. None of the tunes in the game are annoying and they really fit the game well. Even better is the game’s sound effects. The sounds are near perfect for the game.

Devious Dungeon is an addictive game and you may find yourself not wanting to play anything else for a little bit. This game is good in small and big doses. The game never gets too repetitive and the new enemies, secrets, and loot to find will keep you coming back!


Devious Dungeon is a must play if you like 2D action/adventure/rpg games. There is a lot to find in this game. As I write this review, I just want to go back and play the game even more. I had so much fun with this game and I think just about anybody could get into this one. Devious Dungeon awaits you in the Nintendo Switch eshop. You have been warned!

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for providing a review code for this game. Devious Dungeon is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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