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Deviously Addictive Dungeons

I have other games I should be playing. I have two other games that I have to get a review done for and yet, I can’t stop playing Devious Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch. Don’t get me wrong, Devious Dungeon is a review game too. Ratalaika Games provided me with a review code! But I need to play those other two games too. I will do that. I promise I will…but…first…I must play another dungeon!


Devious Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch is a highly addictive game. I’ve only had the game for a few days and its on my mind constantly. I just want to get back to this game. Why is Devious Dungeon so addictive? Oh you’ve just opened a whole can of worms by asking that question!

In Devious Dungeon, you play a warrior of some sort that have to go into a dungeon. I know this game has a story. I read it at the beginning and yet I can’t remember it. It doesn’t matter though. The dungeons in this game are so addictive.

The dungeons in Devious Dungeon are simple 2D affairs but what makes the whole game so addictive is that these dungeons are randomized. Basically, if you get killed off in a dungeon in this game, when you come back to it again, it will have a completely different layout. Every platform, enemy, treasure, things to destroy, whatever, will be different and in different places then you last saw them. And you’ll die a lot in this game. But you’ll keep all the money and all the experiance you get from your time before you died.

You can buy a better weapon and armor with more money. You can also buy potions and rings and amulets but I’ve been sticking to buying weapons and armor whenever I can. Each time you visit a dungeon, you gain more money and experiance. It doesn’t matter if you die before getting to a checkpoint so that you don’t have to go back too far. Thanks to the randomized dungeons, going back doesn’t seem so bad either.

Devious Dungeon is all about the loot, the experiance, and the “what will the next dungeon be like” feeling. You’ll want to go to “one more dungeon” (and yes, Devious Dungeon is more addictive than One More Dungeon) and then “another dungeon” and then “wait, I’m almost done.” Devious Dungeon should have a warning label that says “Warning: highly addictive game. Go back while you still have a chance.”

The gameplay in Devious Dungeon may seem simple. The dungeons may seem simple. Don’t let this game fool you. Turn back now. Don’t download this game. It will eat away at your time.

Ok, now I have to go back and play Devious Dungeon. Send help!

A review of Devious Dungeon will appear on this site sooner or later. If I can ever get myself to write anything else ever again. I’m serious people! Send help!


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