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Nintendo are Opening up to Fans


Nintendo understands that they are in the uphill climb. The first step to recovery: admittance. Thankfully, Nintendo execs are not just sitting on their gold thrones using their millions of dollars to ‘get by’ until the next Nintendo console launches. They truly believe the Wii U can be turned around, and all their effort as of late has been to market anything and everything coming out for their systems.

Can’t Get More Direct Than a Nintendo Direct

This Thursday, Nintendo will be broadcasting another Nintendo Direct, this time for Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 is one of Nintendo’s most unique titles. The original Bayonetta was available on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and was praised for its easily understandable yet robust combat system. Gamers across different consoles loved the original and dreamed of a sequel. Well, their dreams are becoming a reality, albeit not in the way they may have wanted: Nintendo is officially publishing Bayonetta 2, which means it will stay exclusive to the Wii U.

This is great new for Nintendo fans, and for Nintendo as well. Bayonetta won’t be an absolute console mover, but it also wouldn’t be fair to say they won’t see a small bump in sales because of it. One thing Bayonetta Nintendo fans should get use to: all your Playstation and Microsoft supporting friends telling you no one cares about Bayonetta 2. It’s just jealousy. Pure anger and jealousy.

Confirming the 2015 Line-Up

Nintendo tweeted out a nifty chart this week laying out their plans for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015. With so many big AAA titles in the works, speculation has began over whether or not Nintendo will actually be able to deliver all that they have promised. Many speculate that Super Smash will not land till early 2015, while other question the ability of Nintendo to release their latest Zelda title before the calendar runs out on 2015.

nintendo schedule1

If you are a Nintendo fan, the above list has to make you very excited. Not only are we getting our usual dose of Zelda and Mario, but Star Fox is promised to return, we are getting a fantastic RPG in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and we are getting an extra side of Yoshi and Kirby. Top it off with a few new IPs like Project Guard, Project Giant Robot, and Splatoon, and we are looking at a top quality line up over the next 16 months.


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