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Bravely Second Gets A New Overview Trailer From Nintendo

Bravely Second, Square Enix’s upcoming rpg, is coming this month! Nintendo released a new overview trailer for the game today!


Bravely Second is almost here! There is currently a 3DS eshop demo and the game will be released on April 15th.

If you want to know about the demo for Bravely Second, check out my preview of it here. I liked the demo, but I still remain unsure about Bravely Second. The demo was a lot like the first game and I had some issues with that title. I’m hoping that the second game is better!┬áThe new overview trailer released today showed a game that still looks a lot like the first game, although there was at least one new element that I noticed that I’d like to point out.

I noticed in the trailer that there was a character rowing a small boat. I don’t remember this happening in the first game. Where is the character going in that scene? Is Bravely Second’s world bigger or at least a bit different from the first game? I know there is, at least, one returning character in this sequel. Will any of the other characters return? How does Bravely Second connect with the first game?

I never did finish the first game because of how repetitive the latter half of the game got. Here’s hoping that the second game doesn’t add as much filler as the first game.

What do you think of Bravely Second? Will you be buying it on April 15th?

Here is the overview trailer from Nintendo:


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