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12 Deals Of Christmas #5


The latest update to the 12 Deals Of Christmas has been announced today, and things are getting more diverse. Deal 5 brings with it a couple great deals for both PS3 and PSV. Remember, these deals will only be available for 48 hours so get them while they’re hot.




Payday 2 (PS3)

First up for PS3 is Payday 2. Don your mask, reload that shotgun and get ready to start counting your cash as you reprise the role of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains as they head to Washington DC to continue their crime spree. 4 player co-op is strongly recommended as you attempt to complete various ‘jobs’ that you can pick and choose at will from the Crime Database known as CrimeNet. Robbing banks is just 1 of many unlawful acts you can participate in to climb the proverbial ladder of the criminal mastermind.


Payday 2
Release Date: Aug 13th 2013
Developer: Overkill
Metascore: 74
Our Review: 6/10
Was €39.99/AU$49.95/£29.99
Now €14.99/AU$17.95/£11.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members


Dead or Alive 5_690x388

Dead Or Alive 5 Plus (Vita)

For Vita players Sony have added Dead Or Alive 5 Plus to the roster of deals.

This much loved and highly praised fighter from developers Team Ninja is pretty much identical to its console counter-part with a few new addictions complimenting the Vitas touch screen controls. Taps, swipes and pinches can all be used during battle to deal devastating blows to your opponents. Turn your Vita vertically for a unique, first person, full screen view of you opponent. The Training mode has gotten beefier too with twice the amount of vital information being displayed than in past games.

Of course, the gorgeous OLED screen makes those bouncy bits all the more appealing to watch.


Dead Or Alive 5 Plus
Release Date: Mar 19th 2013
Developer: Team Ninja
Metascore: 80
Our Review: 8/10
Was €39.99/AU$54.95/£34.99
Now €19.99/AU$24.95/£14.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members




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