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Tomb Raider Writer Attacked over Xbox Exclusivity


[sociallocker]While many of us were far from happy about Microsoft’s “acquisition” of Rise of the Tomb Raider, some took it further than others. That’s the problem with having such ready access to people via the internet: it’s not difficult to hunt them down and attack them when something they’re involved with becomes controversial, even if the person being attacked had nothing to do with the decision. That’s what happened yesterday with Tomb Raider and Rhianna Pratchett.

It’s true, the Xbox exclusivity of the Tomb Raider franchise is going to do nothing for the future of the series, but it is what it is. Crystal Dynamics released a statement saying everything but “we did it for financial reasons” and that sent everybody insane as well. But here’s the deal: it’s absolutely not the right thing to do to find somebody’s Twitter handle and attack them just because they’re vaguely related to development. Rhianna Pratchett might have power over the future of Lara Croft, but that is purely in-game. Unfortunately, that was a fact that many people managed to overlook.





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