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Humble Paradox Bundle Available Now

 Humble Paradox Bundle

The Humble Paradox Bundle has been unleashed, containing a number of games from the publisher behind some of PC’s best strategy titles. The pick of the pack is probably Europa Universalis 3 Complete, but it also contains a number of other titles.

For a dollar, along with Europa Universalis 3, you can get War of the Roses: Kingmaker, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Leviathan: Warships, Dungeonland and The Showdown Effect. Beat the average to also get Crusader Kings 2 and Magicka.

Although the Humble Paradox Bundle has only just been made available, we’ve actually known about it all day. Paradox unveiled it earlier, along with the opportunity to get every single one of their games for $125. If you’re new to PC gaming and want some good games (and some very bad games), this is a relatively cheap way of attaining that goal.

From the reveal:

The Humble Paradox Bundle Has Begun!

You’ve been demanding it for months, but we were too modest to make it happen… until now! The Humble Paradox Bundle will go live today (1pm EST), and you can make a donation to your choice of worthy charities while picking up a bundle of Paradox favorites!

Of course, some of our fans aren’t very humble at all, and they’ll want to make a bigger donation. Which is why, if you donate more than $125, you get The Big Kahuna package… a copy of EVERY SINGLE PARADOX GAME on Steam (not including Europa Universalis IV or DLC packages)!

Let the humility commence! Find out all the details and pick up your bundle at

Thankfully, the people behind the Humble Bundle launched the universally panned Humble Comedy Bundle ahead of this one, softening the blow that following the Humble Origin Bundle might have had on the Paradox Bundle. You can purchase it here.


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