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Early Access available on Xbox One this year


At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, the company announced a new Early Access program for Xbox One games in development. Coverage from various websites on this program don’t appear to be in line with each other. It appears as if some are saything that this program will only apply to games developed via the ID @ Xbox program. Time will tell and hopefully we will see some clarification soon.

This is a dangerous place for Microsoft to be going. The Early Access program on Steam has come with a mixed bag of reactions; the negative press on the program generally outweighs the positive. I prefer to NOT have an early access program as I think paying for something htat isn’t complete – yes, even with the understanding that it isn’t complete – is just a bad practice in general. While there are positives, I don’t feel they justify the use of programs such as this.

Are you a fan of early access?


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