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@OMGitsJezy Unboxes FusionA Pro Controller Xbox One

Because I’ve been away on vacation, and because we’ve hit a snag trying to incorporate a video player on the site in a good way, it has been a while since we’ve promoted a video from @OMGitsJezy. However, that is changing, now. Below is a video unboxing and initial review of the PowerA Fusion Pro for Xbox One.


Controllers are not things you should mess around with. In the past, a ton of controllers that are less than ideal have hit the market, eventually frustrating the consumers. While this is only an initial look, keep ontop of Jezy to see what he thinks of this controller down the road.

If you like this video from Jezy, be sure to follow him on YouTube (via the video) and on twitter, @OMGitsJezy. We will continue to post Jezy’s videos here on Games Reviews, and will be promoting his unboxing and review videos on our front page in the near future.


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