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Made by Google 2018 event

Today Google unveiled some of their newest products hitting store shelves this fall and winter; during the Made by Google 2018 event, the Google Pixel 3 / Google Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel Slate and Keyboard were shown off to great fanfare! Along with a number of other announcements, this was a fantastic event that kicks of the next year of Google products!

The way Google unveiled the devices was different – having them come up out of the floor on pedestals. It was a bit of fanfare to be sure, but it was welcome as it sets Google apart yet again. It was a unique event with great, new products!


Google has always been about new designs, whether in hardware or software, and this year’s devices are an example of that. Ivy Ross and her team did an EXCELLENT job designing the latest lineup of Google products, making them more useful in today’s fast paced society. More features, more connectivity, and better results. Google is delivering it all.

Over the past year, I’ve fully understood what Google can do change my families productivity, whether it’s through the useful and versatile Google Pixel 2, or the numerous Google Home products littered around my house, keeping me connected to all my devices, whether my lights, thermostats, or various speakers. This year, Google announced an outstanding partnership with NEST, allowing people to control their smart thermostat via their google products, and from the demo videos provided during the event, it looks to work seamlessly.

Part of this partnership means a brand new Google Home product called the Google Home Hub, which allows a visual answer to your various questions, rather than just the voice of Google Home. There is no a visual for those that find audio ques and conversations a bit too difficult to manage. With various colours to accommodate a fantastic modern design, this product will fit in almost any room, with almost any design scheme. And Hub does not have a camera, giving consumers the peace of mind that their privacy is Google’s utmost priority. With so many features, we suggest navigating over to Google Home Hub website to learn more!


One of the larger announcements from the event was the Google Pixel Slate . The Slate is a new experience that combines the benefits of a tablet, phone, and computer in one device. The device itself is meant to be incredibly light, has a stunning screen (293 pixels per inch, for a total of 6 million pixels), and so much more. The reactions of content creators to seeing their content on a Pixel Slate was incredible and we cannot wait to take this device for a spin!

The other large announcement from Google was the new and improved Google Pixel 3 , promising a better camera, better phone quality, and much more. The lightweight phone with matte glass finish is a first in the industry, and provides a fantastic feel to the hand. What’s fantastic is that the Pixel 3 XL versus the Pixel 3 is only separated by the screen size, with the remainder of the features being exactly the same. If you don’t want the larger phone, than you won’ t feel like you are missing out on other options because you opted for the regular version versus the XL release.

As a bonus, Pixel 3 owners will get 6 months of YouTubeMusic for free!

With so many improvements to the Google Pixel 3, check out the details from the press event today!

We are looking forward to using and reviewing the brand new Google products, and will have tons of coverage up on! Be sure to check it out!


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