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New Killer Is Dead Trailer “Reveals” All

blank Suda 51 is at it again. The latest trailer for Killer is Dead shows off the many women lead Mondo Zappa will meet over the course of his adventure. Whether flying around on magical needles or acting the femme fatale, it's going to be interesting to see how these crazy exaggerated characters and romantic entanglements work out. And of course, if they don't work out, there's always the Gigolo Glass.


Too Trusting, Dumb or Just Gullible? – What the Fake Phantom Pain Video Says about Gamers

blank The Phantom Pain: Project Deception video is fake. The person who created it has given it all up in the YouTube comments of their latest video. His last two submissions on N4G have been massively successful stories about his video (although there doesn't seem to be a specific link between him and the writers who wrote those articles). He even took to IGN, defending the video and egging people on. This is a person who has deceived under the guise of some sort of social experiment.


Metro: Last Light ‘Redemption’ Trailer

blank If there was one thing you could say about Metro 2033, it's that it looked fantastic. Whatever other complaints you may have had, it was graphically beyond more or less anything else out there. It's nice to see Last Light seems to be going the same way. The trailer above, entitled Redeption, sets the scene nicely, whilst showing off the great visual quality (although limited to 720p) and occasional battle scene.


New Wu Characters Announced for Dynasty Warriors 8

blank Koei have today revealed two new characters from the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 8. Both have been a part of the series since Dynasty Warriors 2, but this is the first time they’ve had specific character models and move sets, an important step forward considering their roles within Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Lu Su, the gentleman in the hat from the picture below, was a tactician for Wu, who ended up as Commander-in-Chief after Zhou Yu died. Han Dang was…


Best Anti-Piracy Measure Ever? – Game Dev Tycoon Pirates the Pirates

blank When the developers behind Game Dev Tycoon released a cracked version of their own game, they edited it so that the game performed in a slightly different way. Sooner or later, the player will begin to notice that their funds are dwindling and that their best games aren’t bringing in the money that they should. Why? Because their games are being pirated.  As their funds gradually decline, a message appears: “While many players play our new game, they steal it…


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Runs at 30FPS

blank The original Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii ran at a smooth 60FPS, an impressive feat considering the hardware and just how good that game looked. The 3DS port, coming next month, is instead locked at 30FPS. This isn't a good thing, but considering that the graphics still look great and that there's plenty happening on screen at any given time, it's hard to complain too much.


Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut worse than 360 Original

blank While the PS3 Director’s Cut for Deadly Premonition is once again splitting critics, one thing is certain: the improvements hardly make a double-dip worth it. In fact, improvements may be a slight over-exaggeration, as users have found that certain parts of the game are worse than in the original 360 release. Although players are happy with improvements to the controls – especially on foot – it would seem the graphical improvements are largely neither here nor there, and ...


Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep Expansion Announced

blank Warner Brothers have today announced the next expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. Helm’s Deep will let players take an important role in the famous battle alongside the likes of Théoden, while also expanding the virtual world of Middle-Earth to the west of Rohan. If that’s not enough, you’ll also be able to continue to level your character for a further 10 levels, right up to 95. Along with the new locations, new missions, new role in The Lord…


PSA: Guilty Gear Trailer Lied, Title DOESN’T Have Online Play

blank This is a strange one. Guilty Gear for the Vita came out in the US yesterday, and despite mention on its PlayStation page of online play, as well as reference to it in the original trailer, the game actually relies on Ad Hoc mode to handle its multiplayer. Why the developers put out a trailer implying otherwise, and why Sony are advertising it as online-capable is unclear, but if you were planning to buy based on the idea of playing…


Phil Fish is at it Again: “You should Boycott Harder, Nerds”

blank Fez may have been an above average game with a great idea behind it, but the biggest name behind the game, Phil Fish, sure as hell knows how to separate himself from his fanbase. After early reports that the game itself runs incredibly badly on PC (it renders at 720p and has Xbox 360 controller images regardless of how you’re playing the game), and talk of the Steam release being boycotted thanks to Fish’s poor customer relations, the fact that…