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Afterglow Wireless 3

PDP Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller Review

In recent times, PDP has solidified its position as a manufacturer of quality gaming accessories. Perhaps most notably among these is their line of controllers for the Nintendo Switch. While the Switch is undeniably a great console, many adult users (including myself) have a difficult time with the smaller JoyCon controls. This is completely reasonable, however, as they are intended to be used by kids as well. It does create a need, however, for larger and more standardized controllers for the comfort of adult Nintendo Switch gamers. PDP has risen to meet ...

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1stPlayer K8 1

1stPlayer K8 Fire Dancing Kit Review

These days, most products are tailored to one specific function. It makes sense that having a singular focus will help create the best version of that product. It also means that it becomes harder to use that product for any purpose other than the one it was specifically made for. This is as true about gaming accessories as it is about anything else. For example, have you tried writing an essay on a mechanical keyboard? Sure the keystrokes might be quick, but after 2 or 3 hours of straight key-clacking noises, you will be ready to throw it out the window. ...

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Google Nest Mini feat 2

Google Nest Mini Review

As our homes become increasingly smarter and more automated, devices like the Google Home and Google Nest are finding their ways into more and more homes. Their relative simplicity and broad (and ever expanding) functionality make them a great addition to most homes, even for those who are not the most tech savvy. One of Google’s latest smart-home devices, the Google Nest Mini, aims to appeal to even more homeowners with its new features.

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Elite Atlas Aero feat

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review

Last fall, we reviewed Turtle Beach’s latest line of PC Gaming headsets, the ‘Atlas’ lineup. The flagship of the Atlas line was undoubtedly the Elite Atlas, featuring crisp surround sound, clear microphone audio, unrivaled comfort and durability and complete compatibility. All of this was provided at the very reasonable price point for a gaming headset of $100USD. Now, Turtle Beach has taken the Elite Atlas and gone wireless with the Elite Atlas Aero, coming in at $150USD. Is the wireless functionality worth the extra cost? Let’s take a look and find out!

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Nintendo Switch Lite Review

A few months ago, Nintendo invited us to Toronto, Ontario to experience the Nintendo Switch Lite for the very first time. While our time with the device then was pretty short – we had about an hour or so to play a few upcoming Nintendo Switch titles – we did get to pump out a few early impressions, which I’ve copied below. Who’s Buying the Nintendo Switch Lite? Our first take from that preview was, “Who is buying a Nintendo…

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Creative Outlier Air

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are all the rage now, and while the marketplace use to be dominated by Apple Air Pods and the Samsung Equivalent, more and more companies are getting in on the action, and everyone is in competition to see who can get the biggest piece of the market pie. The most shocking revelation while researching for this review is what people want in Bluetooth earbuds, and it wasn’t what I thought! Let’s dive into the Creative Outlier Air…

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MK6 Bullet Hunter 2

1stPlayer MK6 Bullet Hunter Mechanical Keyboard Review

As most gamers know, the faster you play, the better you are. This is one of the main reasons that helped mechanical keyboards make a resurgence in the world of PC peripherals. Unlike the mechanical keyboards of the past, modern versions are stylish and full of secondary functions that are targeted towards player convenience. With all of these features often comes a hefty price tag. But not always. Today we are looking at 1stPlayer's MK6 Bullet Hunter RGB keyboard which promises a fully operational experience complete with RBG lighting and media controls at a ...

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Faceoff Deluxe+ 3

PDP Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired Controller Review

The latest Nintendo Switch controller from PDP, the Faceoff Deluxe+ wired controller is the first Switch controller ever to come with built-in audio. This is a core feature for most other console controllers and it is exciting to see accessories for the Switch starting to follow suit. Other than the introduction of built-in audio, the new Faceoff Deluxe+ also comes with a few changes and improvements over the previous iteration. How does this new controller compare to other third-party accessories? Let's take a look!

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snakebyte wireless gamepad 4s feat

Snakebyte Wireless Gamepad 4S Review

Gaming can be an expensive undertaking these days. Even if you stick to one console, your hard earned money will slip away as fast as you let it. Between the sheer magnitude of games available, monthly subscriptions and accessories, there is no shortage of places to spend your money in the world of gaming. Luckily for us consumers, there is also no shortage of ways for you to save money, either. One of the best ways is through third-party hardware like the Snakebyte Wireless Gamepad 4S, which turns an expensive PS4 controller replacement into a much more ...

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Creative SXFI AIR

Creative SXFI AIR Review

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the Creative SXFI AIR and what made it stand out against other headsets. What we found out was that the Holographic Audio technology utilized by the headset is intended to provide an outstandingly realistic audio experience that aims to fool the user into believing the audio they are hearing is natural and genuine. While hearing the phrase 'holographic audio' for the first time might conjure images of Star Trek-ian technology, Holographic Audio, when broken down to its simplest form, is the next level of directional and ...

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