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ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Review


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Release: January 1, 1970
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The latest gaming headset from ROCCAT, Turtle Beach’s PC accessory brand, represents a serious step forward into the mid-high end headset market with the ROCCAT SYN Pro Air. It seems that they have used the previous ‘Elo’ series to springboard into the higher-end market. And let me tell you, the SYN Pro Air makes an impressive splash. Aside from a few minor hiccups along the way, our extensive testing found almost nothing that would make us shy away from recommending the latest ROCCAT wireless headset, the SYN Pro Air.

syn pro air feat

As soon as you first pick up the SYN Pro Air, you can tell it is a well-engineered accessory. Light but sturdy, with a thin headband and large, comfortable ear cups. Even on my larger than average head, there was no pressure from the band and I was able to wear this for extended gaming sessions with no discomfort in any way. The detachable microphone connection port has a cover so that if and when you decide not to have a microphone connected, it stays clean and looks sleek. The lighting is fun but unassuming and the buttons are very minimalistic, with only the core functions being controlled by physical buttons.

The SYN Pro Air is paired with ROCCAT’s latest companion app, Neon. While this app is a clear improvement over its predecessor, ROCCAT Swarm, when it was first installed on my machine, there were a significant amount of bugs to work out. Among other issues, I was unable to connect the SYN Pro Air while Neon was running – I had to end the process, turn on my headset and then boot it up. Not exactly a convenient system. When I first began testing the SYN Pro Air, a couple of the features seemed either to not be enabled or not working as intended. At the time of writing this review, however, every single one of these issues has been resolved! I must congratulate ROCCAT for such a quick turnaround on these fixes, as I have no problem recommending this software now.


With the software sorted out, let’s take a closer look at how the hardware itself performs. Both the dynamic range and bass levels of the SYN Pro Air are very pleasant. Even at higher volumes the distortion remains low – perfect for cranking up the tunes while working or studying. When it’s game time, the immersive 3D audio ensures that you will be able to quickly and easily pinpoint the direction that any and all sound comes from. Any FPS gamer will tell you that this skill can make or break your experience when playing online and in real-time against other players.

The TruSpeak microphone offers decent sound quality for a headset mic, but I would only recommend it for game comms or anyone on the go. For streaming from a home location, I would definitely opt for a standalone mic. More and more headsets are being designed around standalone mics, the SYN Air Pro included, which is why the mic itself is detachable, making this a fully functional pair of gaming headphones for you to pair with your favourite standalone mic.

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Getting into some of the more nitty-gritty details, the SYN Air Pro again exceeds expectations. The battery on this seems to last just over 20 hours of active use, and charges extremely quickly over USB-C. A quick 15-minute charge will allow you to get another 5 hours of use, allowing you to keep the game going as long as you can stay awake! The wireless connection is also flawless – I have wandered pretty far in my house and only begin to lose connection when I am roughly one floor and 50 feet away. This should allow you to stay reliably connected regardless of your PC configuration.

Overall, now that the Neon issues seem to have stabilized, it is quite difficult to find anything bad to say about the SYN Pro Air, so we just won’t. The look, comfort, sound, battery, and connection are all major successes. This headset is very fairly priced for the quality product you are receiving and we have no problem recommending it to anyone interested in spending a little more to get a headset they will love and use for years ahead.

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