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ROCCAT Kone Pro & Kone Pro Air Review

ROCCAT Kone Pro & Kone Pro Air

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: ROCCAT
Developer: ROCCAT
Genre: Hardware, Hardware Reviews, Mouse


Excellent About Rating

I’ll say it. ROCCAT is on fire. Ever since partnering with Turtle Beach on their line of PC accessories, they have been pumping out quality products with reasonable price points at a seriously impressive pace. And now, with their latest release of the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air gaming mice, they are showing exactly zero signs of slowing down. These mice feature flawless mechanics and can compete with anything on the market – all while ringing in at around half the price of some of their competitors.Kone Pro Air

Comfort is paramount when using a mouse, as repetitive stress injuries from improper PC ergonomics are becoming more and more common. Both the Kone Pro and the Air are wonderfully light and fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, big or small. This was tested using hands of all sizes – from a teenager to an XL adult hand. While the weight may feel almost too light at first for some (trust me, I was one of them), over time it became clear that I was putting less pressure on my wrist while using the mouse. Plus, after adjusting to the weight I was hitting (and missing) just as many shots as before, so I can confidently say this will not impact your gaming performance, except maybe leaving you with somewhat lessened wrist pain!

Beyond the weight, the Kone Pro and Air just feel incredible in your hand. The side buttons are exactly where you want them to be, and the ROCCAT® Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor is possibly the smoothest sensors I have had the pleasure to test. Of course, they both support full ROCCAT Swarm compatibility for all of your customizing needs. In fact, I was very impressed with the option to store 5 separate profiles on the mouse, each with their own DPI settings and button customizations. These can easily be rotated using the bottom button (or the app), and make it much easier for those sharing a PC with family members to maintain their settings without fear of tampering by others.


The Air also has the option to swap between 2.4GHz wireless (paired with the provided dongle) and Bluetooth, allowing you to take this mouse on the go and not worry about bringing/losing the dongle. Of course, you will always receive better responsiveness when paired to the dongle, so we recommend that for gamers. Add the Titan Wheel for seamless scrolling and the Titan Switch Optical for the most precise button clicks and you have yourself a serious contender for top PC peripherals.

The battery life on the Kone Pro Air is yet another triumph, as I was able to use it for multiple days before needing to plug it in. The website claims 100+ hours of battery life, but I would say this is likely based on a light-average PC user, heavier users may see 50-70 hrs, still quite impressive. The USB-C cable provided fits snugly into the mouse and looks as natural as the wired version of the mouse, so it is entirely viable to use it for long periods if desired. It is certainly not necessary, however, as the moue charges extremely quickly with its Rapid Charge technology.

Kone Pro Shell

The AIMO RGB lighting is not the most impressive lighting we’ve ever seen – but it gets the job done. It still looks very sharp on your desk and really, how often are you staring at your mouse while you’re playing anyway? While adding an RGB ROCCAT logo in the palm would’ve upped the ‘cool’ factor, I have no doubt that this would’ve added significant unnecessary weight to a mouse whose lightweight shell is a major selling point.

Overall, it is hard not to love the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air mice from ROCCAT. I mean, we had to work overtime just to find the RBG lighting flaw, and that was a real stretch. We put all of our accessories through rigorous testing to ensure they live up to a typical lifestyle and the performance, durability, convenience and comfort offered by these mice is truly second to none. Anyone in the market for a new gaming mouse should take a close look at these mice – I doubt you will find better, and certainly not at the same price point.

You can order the Kone Pro or the Kone Pro Air directly from ROCCAT’s website HERE!


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