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Creative’s Aurvana Trio Wireless Headphones Review

Creative’s Aurvana Trio Wireless Headphones

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Release: January 1, 1970
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Not too long ago, Creative revealed its Super X-Fi technology and began implementing it in many of their new headphones. The Aurvana Trio Wireless is a neckband set of earbuds that promises extremely high audio quality without the hassle of bulky headphones or tangled wires. Neckbands might be the most uncommon type of headphone when compared to typical fully wired or wireless earbuds or traditional over-the-ear headphones, but they certainly have their place. How will the newly-envisioned Aurvana Trio Wireless headphones stack up to the competition? Let’s take a look!

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As with all Creative products, the sound quality in the Aurvana Trio Wireless is outstanding. Their patented SXFI technology surpasses all others in terms of audio fidelity. While earbuds have a reputation of offering lower sound quality than bigger and bulkier headsets, with these, good things really do come in small packages. The hybrid triple-driver system utilized by these headphones ensures pristine audio reproduction by allowing each driver to handle a dedicated range of sound across the audio spectrum. Two precision balanced armature drivers for clear mids and highs, and one bio-cellulose driver for accurate and powerful bass ensures that your listening experience will be the best you’ve ever had!

While, as mentioned, the sound is incredible – the sound quality was not actually the first thing I noticed about the Aurvana Trio Wireless headphones. Instead, the first surprise I got was how comfortable these earbuds were. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer traditional over-the-ear cups when stationary, but I found these to be better than average based on my use and could certainly see myself using them for workouts or while commuting to and from work.

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Even though the comfort level was above average, I did find the neckband itself quite distracting and to be honest, it was a bit annoying. I’m so used earbuds that are fully wireless that having them tethered was somewhat of a nuisance. When I tried laying down and listening to music, they were not comfortable at all as the neckband put pressure on the back of my head and was really in the way. This would not dissuade me from using the Aurvana Trio Wireless further for whenever I am not lying down, it is certainly something to keep in mind.

The connectivity offered by these headphones is, in a word, seamless. The ability to link the headset to multiple devices at once is extremely convenience and quite practical. I used Bluetooth to connect the headset to my computer for doing Zoom calls for work, and then just ‘flicked the switch’ and turned it back to my phone for listening to music. It was an extremely positive and intuitive process.


The range of codecs supported by the Aurvana Trio Wireless is also truly impressive. Featuring both the aptX HD and aptX LL (Low Latency) as well as AAC codecs and being Super X-Fi ready means that you will have the perfect codec for exactly what you want to do. Need that quick response time for gaming? Swap to the aptX LL and any noticeable delay will vanish before your eyes. Listening to music? Swap to aptX HD and let the SXFI sound tickle your ears and take you away.

Overall, Creative’s Aurvana Trio Wireless headphones are very versatile and offer the uncompromising audio quality we have come to expect from Creative. The only downfall of these earbuds is that the neckband causes some discomfort when trying to listen while lying down. Otherwise, there is simply no downside to these wonderful headphones.

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