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Arkham Horror – The Roleplaying Game Starter Set – Hungering Abyss to Launch in August 2024

Edge Studio, in collaboration with Asmodee, has announced the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Arkham Horror - The Roleplaying Game Starter Set – Hungering Abyss. Set to hit stores on August 2, 2024, this tabletop roleplaying game promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of cosmic horror.

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Star Trek: Away Missions Unboxing and Components Review

When Star Trek: Away Missions landed at my office for review, I was surprised by how hefty the box felt. From the videos and images I had seen, it didn’t seem like much more than some cardboard and miniatures, but I quickly realized there is a lot more going on in the box than just that! Using a popular license like Star Trek is often an excuse for a company to skimp on components and quality. Is that something Gale…

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Fossil Fuel 2 Impressions

Fossil Fuel 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the indie horror hit, takes players on a pulse-pounding journey through a desolate Alaskan research facility overrun by prehistoric predators. Available now on Xbox Series X/S, this Unreal Engine 5 powered title delivers a terrifying and thrilling experience that will leave you checking the shadows long after you put down the controller. Stepping into the Jaws of the Beast From the opening moments, Fossil Fuel 2 throws you headfirst into its nightmarish…

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Verily, Unmatched: Slings and Arrows Will Have You Cry Havoc in 2024

Today, Restoration Games announced details of the next Unmatched set, Slings and Arrows. In addition to William Shakespeare, the set includes Hamlet, Titania, and the Wayward Sisters as playable heroes.

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Study finds link between lootboxes and gambling

Recent research has confirmed what many gamers already suspected: a link between lootboxes in video games and gambling. Lootboxes are virtual chests that can be purchased with real money or a certain amount of game time to obtain a random set of in-game items. This practice, which has gained widespread popularity in the video game industry, has been subjected to research where scientists have identified similarities between the mechanics of loot boxes and the incentives of gambling. Loot boxes and…

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Expeditions Board Game Review

Scythe is one of the greatest and most popular games of the century so far, and that along with Wingspan has made Stonemaier Games a household name in the board game space. We recently had the opportunity to look at the “sequel to Scythe,” Expeditions, which we are pretty fond of? Is this the game to remove Scythe from your collection, or does it fall just short of the original experience? Let’s dive in! The first thing we should mention…

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More Thoughts From Me: Finally Playing Mother 3

Earthbound is only had one game on the Super Nintendo. Wait. No, thats not right. There’s Earthbound Beginnings too and we got that on the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. whew. However, wait, there is one other Earthbound game. Yes I’m talking about Mother 3. Its only ever been released in Japan and now its available on the Nintendo Switch Online app in Japan. And I’ve played it. Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 3) has never been release in the…

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Laugh Floor Impressions

Disney Dreamlight Valley received a new free update this week. The Laugh Floor from Monsters Inc is here! How is the update so far? Disney Dreamlight Valley’s newest free update is The Laugh Floor from Monsters Inc. In this update, I went to the castle and visited the Laugh Floor realm. I had to dress up like a monster in order to get onto the Laugh Floor. Mike and Sully are there and they’re getting ready to go make some…

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What Is Unicorn Overlord?

Have you heard of Unicorn Overlord? Do you know what it is? There’s a demo out for the game now and we checked it out. What did we think of Unicorn Overlord for the Nintendo Switch? What is Unicorn Overlord? We checked out the demo for this uniquely titled game and want to try and explain what it is. Unicorn Overlord is a real-time strategy game that will be on the Nintendo Switch and other systems. The demo shows off…

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Metroidvania Fusion, An Event Dedicated to Diversity Within the Genre, March 04-11

There is something extremely satisfying to me, when I am playing a Metroidvania. I tried to ask myself today, what makes this particular genre so special to me? I believe it may be because this genre has existed since back when I played on my Nintendo, but we didn’t actually have a name for it yet. I see a Metroidvania as some of the earliest titles of a Zelda game, or even Super Mario Brothers, and the thing is, many…