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Champions! Review

Champions! offers a unique twist on the party game genre, immersing players in a whirlwind of crazy tournament-style duels where characters chosen by the players battle it out for the coveted title of Champion! The game's play style revolves around predicting which of the eight candidates will emerge victorious through three intense rounds of play, making it an engaging and unpredictable experience for all involved.

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Howl Impressions

Embark on a captivating journey in Howl, where every brushstroke of the game’s watercolor-like world paints a mesmerizing tale of bravery and survival. As a deaf heroine in a world plagued by the ominous howling contagion, players are thrust into a realm where strategy meets beauty. The game’s visual aesthetic is a true marvel, with colors bleeding and melding into one another, creating a breathtaking landscape that reacts to your every move. Each action leaves its mark, whether it’s the…

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Top Tips for Gambling on Mobile and Tablet

One of the biggest innovations of the last twenty years helped revitalize the fading gambling industry: the smart phone. And while things have come a long way in the years since, it’s not always easy to play on a mobile phone compared to a PC. Some things apply wherever you want to play, while others are more handheld or tablet specific. But whether you’re looking to play on a phone or tablet, or a PC, some of these tips should…

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More Thoughts From Me: Staring At the Ghosts of New Eden

New Eden. 1695. There’s a curse and ghosts are everywhere. Banishers are out and about trying to figure out whats going on and getting rid of the ghosts too. Welcome to Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. The game is coming out next week and I just heard about it. Let’s talk about this game! I was on Twitter (yes I still call it Twitter) and the amazing Bex, reviewer and gamer, mentioned that they were going to review a game…

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Heading to Octopia: Eastward DLC Impressions

The new DLC for Eastward, Octopia, came out last week. I’ve been playing it and now I have some thoughts on it. Eastward is an action/adventure game that has a story, combat, and puzzles to solve. Its brand new DLC, however, is in the simulation genre. Let’s talk about Octopia! In Eastward Octopia, the two main characters, John and Sam, move to a deserted town to start a new life. They have a house and a farm plot and thats…

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Online Slot Games: 5 Unusual Themes that Actually Exist

Given just how massive the online gambling industry is, it’s perhaps unsurprising that gaming companies are using every tool in their toolkit to engage current players – and entice new customers into testing lady luck. This is especially true in the slot industry, where personalization plays a massive role in attracting an audience; the more unique the themes of theĀ free slot machines from top providersĀ on offer, the more likely players are to part with their hard-earned cash. After…

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Mythwind | The Merchant | First Impressions

The more difficult the character, the more fun it is to play? That definitely seems to be the case for The Merchant!

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Persona 3 Reload First Impressions

Persona 3 Reload came out on Friday and I’ve been playing it over the weekend. Here are my first impressions of the game. Persona 3 Reload is fantastic so far. The story is pretty intriguing: there is a mysterious hour called The Dark Hour that starts at midnight. During that time, most people turn into coffins and monsters roam the land. Also a tower pops up where normally there’s a school. A group called S.E.E.S. combats the monsters and wants…

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Spinning Riches: A Deep Dive into India’s Top 10 Slot Games of All Time

India, with its diverse blend of cultures and customs, has warmly welcomed the realm of online gaming. Amidst the array of gaming choices, slot games have gained favor among Indian Slotamia com players. Let’s explore the world of online slots and reveal the Top 10 Most Popular Slot Games that have become cherished by Indian gamers. source 1.Mega Moolah: Big Jackpots on the Safari Favorite slot of Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief in Slotamia, Mega Moolah is like going on…

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Mastering Poker Strategies

Poker has been the center of interest for fortune seekers for decades. Online casino reviews affirm that strategy is vital to this appealing game, which has two possibilities. You can win a fortune or learn a lesson for your next attempt. The beginners and the deemed experts in the poker world love the game because it is not always about lack but a world of mystery where every minute is uncertain. It’s for the people with charisma and wits who…