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Top Amazing GTA 5 Mods To Try In 2024

In Grand Theft Auto V on PC, players can dramatically change and improve the gameplay by installing mods. Modders have been an active part of the game since its release in 2013, developing an extensive modding community that has produced an array of mods that will let you adjust GTA’s graphics, mechanics, weapons, vehicles and more to your taste. If you are about to roleplay as a police officer, turn Los Santos into the battleground, or just try to make…

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Elgato HD60 X: Capture Your Gameplay Like a Pro

The Elgato HD60 X is an external capture card designed to capture high-quality gameplay footage from your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/Pro, Xbox One X/S, or Nintendo Switch. It allows you to record and stream your gameplay in stunning resolutions, including 4K30 HDR10 or 1080p60 HDR10, while offering a smooth, frustration-free experience. Here’s a closer look at the Elgato HD60 X’s key features: Premium Capture and Powerful Passthrough: Record your gameplay in crisp 4K30 HDR10 or 1080p60 HDR10…

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Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition – Announcement Trailer

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition was recently rumored and now it turns out its true. Nintendo is making a game with over 150 challenges for players to take on. Check out the announcement trailer below. Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 18th, 2024. There will be 150 challenges in the game that take place over 13 NES games. Nintendo World Championships is now available for pre-order on the eshop. There will also…

Council of Shadows 3 Articles 2 weeks ago

Council of Shadows Review

In the realm of board games, where strategy meets storytelling, lies Council of Shadows, an intricate tapestry of deception, negotiation, and cunning maneuvers. Developed by seasoned designers and published by Shadowborn Games, this game transports players to a world shrouded in secrecy and political intrigue, where every decision holds weight and every alliance is a double-edged sword.

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Nintendo Will Announce New System This Fiscal Year

During a recent investors meeting, Nintendo confirmed that they will be announcing a new Nintendo system this fiscal year. What does that mean? We talk about it! Nintendo held an investors meeting this week and confirmed that a new Nintendo system will be announced this fiscal year. What does this mean? This fiscal year is until March 2025. While Nintendo could announce the new system this year, 2024, its far more likely that they will announce the system from January…

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Fractured Sky Components Overview and Impressions

If you want to get your hands on the Fractured Sky Super Deluxe version with all the machine painted miniatures your chance is coming up soon as the game is coming back to Kickstarter with an expansion on April 30 . The game is very impressive to look at and the component work really well when playing as well. I think I’ve buried the lead at this point, but let’s check it out! Everything in Fractured Sky is top notch,…

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New Micro Squadron Star Wars Toys from Jazwares are Perfect for All Ages

Recently, a box of the new Micro Squadron Star Wars toys from Jazwares arrived at the office, and it didn’t take my kids long to find the box, tear them all open, and start playing with all the great little ships and characters inside. Unfortunately, none of them asked me whether I wanted to keep any of the ships for display purposes, but I guess I don’t get a say! It did make me think, however – is this a…

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Exchange PayPal to Perfect Money euro

To always be confident in the positive result of a financial transaction to withdraw virtual funds, it is recommended to visit the monitoring site for electronic exchange websites via this link. He has been working in this field for many years. Today it offers its customers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of functions. But the main advantage is the listing of reliable and stable exchangers. Among them you can always find the desired exchange point in any direction.…

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Dutch Resistance – Orange Shall Overcome is the Most Thematic Game Ever?

I’ve played a lot of games that had really good themes, but so often you look at the game and think to yourself, “this could be another theme and still work.” Sometimes the theme could drastically change, and other times the theme could slightly change. Life of the Amazonia, for example, could have just as easily been Life on the Serengeti, or any other biologically diverse place on earth. City buildings games themes can be swapped out for different eas,…

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Jazwares Unveils New Micro Galaxy Squadron for Star Wars Day (May 4th)

Get ready for Star Wars Day with Jazwares' Micro Galaxy Squadron collectibles. Collect starships and create your own Star Wars fleet.