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More Thoughts From Me: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley’s Best Character

One of the best things that Disney Dreamlight Valley has done is its paid DLC. The new island, story, and characters are fantastic. Recently, they had another update to the paid DLC and it added a new character: Oswald the Lucky rabbit! He’s the best character for the game yet. Let me tell you why. SPOILER WARNING


Oswald the Lucy Rabbit is a character that was brought back to Disney with the game Epic Mickey (which is coming to the Switch this year). Since that game, Disney has used the character a little bit but not a lot.

And now…he’s in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s paid DLC! He’s the best character for the game yet. He’s so unique visually and in the way he talks, moves, and the quests you take on for him. Let’s talk about how he looks visually.

Oswald is a black and white character in a game that only has full color characters. He looks so different from any other character in the game. Not only that but his house is in black and white!

You can unlock a black and white car for him too. He also moves in a more animated way, with bouncing and twitching that you don’t see from any other character in the game. Best of all though? His friendship quests are amazing!


I won’t tell you how you get Oswald in the game but its very different from how you get any other character. I do want to spoil a couple of his friendship quests though! You’ve been warned!

My favorite friendship quest with Oswald is where you have to track down some alarm clocks that have suddenly sprung to life! These are black and white alarm clocks with legs. You’ll be chasing them around, fishing for them, and more. Its a crazy, chaotic quest that probably lasts way too long but I really loved it. Its one of the most unique quests you’ll find in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Another quest has you chasing after a flying trolley car. You’ll have to find a place for the trolley car to land even. Its such a unique, exciting quest and you’ll get the trolley car and some tracks at the end of it too.

There are some other quests that I won’t spoil at all. Oswald’s whole friendship, from level 1 to 10, is just out of this world. He’s such a unique and cool character for this game. I’m not sure how Disney Dreamlight Valley is going to top Oswald! He’s the best character added to the game yet.

What do you think of Disney Dreamlight Valley? Have you checked out Oswald in the game yet?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mien alone. I do hope we’ll see Marvel and Star Wars characters added to Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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