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Lightwood Games Will Bring Splat The Difference to the 3DS Next Week

As you all should know by now, I’m a huge fan of indie developer Lightwood Games. I love their word puzzle games. Occasionally, Lightwood Games will create a non-word puzzle game too. Splat The Difference, coming next week to the 3DS, is not a word puzzle game. Instead, the player will have to spot the differences between the top and bottom screen. We have more info, a video, and my thoughts on the game below!


Splat The Difference will be coming to the 3DS eshop on September 15th. The game is a spot the difference game where you are given a picture on the top and bottom 3DS screens and have to figure out whats different on the bottom screen. Splat the Difference will have four modes and include single and multiplayer.

Check out this video from Lightwood Games:

I love that Splat the Difference is using download play! I think thats the most intriguing part of the game. The single player might be fun but I think the download play multiplayer might be a blast! With four modes to choose from, multiple pictures, and download/local play, Splat the Difference isn’t just a simple reworking of an iOS game. You can tell by the video that Lightwood Games, as always, put a lot of work into this game. I think its pretty impressive what they do for being a two person developer!

What do you think of Splat The Difference? Will you be picking it up next week?


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