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YIIK Demo Should Be Available On Playstation 4 Kiosks At Retail Stores Starting Today

For awhile now, I’ve been looking forward to a game called YIIK. The game is an rpg that seems a little inspired by Earthbound, though it also has its own unique flavor too. I’ve loved every trailer and every screenshot that has been revealed for the game. When will YIIK come out? No one knows for sure! But the title will have a demo available starting today. If you have a local store that has a Playstation 4 demo unit, then you should be able to get a taste of the title!

YIIK demo

YIIK’s developer ACKK Studios announced on twitter today that the game will have a demo available on Playstation 4 demo kiosks! He warned that not everyone gets the update right away, so the demo may not appear on some units yet. For those lucky enough though, you can try out a YIIK demo and see if the game is something that you want to buy when it comes out. And while I’m looking forward to the title on Wii U, I’m hoping that I’ll get to a chance to try the Playstation 4 demo soon.

YIIK is a very unique looking rpg. I hope this demo is a sign that we won’t have too long to wait till the game is out.

Take a look at this trailer of YIIK:

What do you think of this game? Will you play the demo at a local store? Are you looking forward to its eventual release?


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