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There Will Be A 3DS Nintendo Direct On September 1st

Nintendo announced today that they will be having a 3DS focused Nintendo Direct on September 1st. Read on to find out what games I think they’ll show during the Direct. NintendoDirectSeptember

Nintendo will be holding Nintendo Directs globally on Thursday, September 1st. The North American Direct will take place at 9am central time. The Direct will be focused exclusively on 3DS games. Nintendo has confirmed there will be no talk about the NX. I doubt there will be any mention of the Wii U either, but you never know. I really wish they would announce at least one more Nintendo Wii U game for this year! Though perhaps that ship has sailed…

As for the 3DS, we should see Dragon Quest 7, Yo-Kai Watch 2, Disney Magical Castle 2, Pokemon, and the new Mario Party during the Direct. I’m hoping we’ll see a release date for the Animal Crossing New Leaf update and Dragon Quest 8 too! What else could Nintendo show? Will there be any 3DS surprises during the Direct? Its very possible. Nintendo loves to surprise and we could be in for them. Even if we’re not, Thursday’s Nintendo Direct should be very good!

What do you think Nintendo will show this Thursday? Are you looking forward to any of these upcoming 3DS games?


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