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PDP Launches New 3DS Accessories

From our work with PDP over the last few years, we know that people have mixed feelings about the company as a whole. Generally, the feedback we get – whether on headsets or controllers – is positive, with a few negative Nancy’s giving their two cents worth. I respect everyone right to an opinion. Whenever we’ve looked at PDP accessories in the past, however, it has been overwhelming love for the company, and for good reason. This week we got a huge box from the Jake over at PDP filled to the brim with some of the companies newest gear. Watch the video below and then read our thoughts on each item!

Nintendo 3DS Question Block Game Case


I love the PDP game cases that I’ve purchased in the past, and am currently using daily the Mario and Luigi zip up binder case which you can see in the above video. As it stands currently, however, I have more 3DS and DS games than can fit in that case. Up until now, I’ve been storing as many as I could in my Donkey Kong holder – also in the video – and the rest have been regulated to their original cases, in a box. With this awesome looking question block, I can now store some of those games in a new and stylish way.

The block is constructed out of yellow plastic, with a button on the top which allows the case to open and fold out. A number of games can be stored upright in the base of the block, while other games can be clipped into the inside walls of the block. It’s a pretty intelligent design, and it wasn’t until AFTER making the video, that I realized the question block stored a lot more games than I thought.

PDP Zelda New 3DS XL Armour and Storage


The worst part about taking trips is having to lug around the aforementioned Mario and Luigi game case where ever I go. With the latest plastic armour casing, now available for your New 3DS XL, you can take everything you might need, except a charger. The armour functions much the same as the previous releases from the company, but the top shield a bit thicker allowing for players to store up to three games and few stylus pens. A small Zelda screen cleaner is also included.

Although this item may be a bit thick for every day use, it will be my go-to traveling companion! This baby is going on the Disney Wonder with me in a few weeks, so I suppose it came just in time!


Later this week we will have a second article detailing the three amiibo stands unboxed in the latter half of the above video. Spoiler alert: we think they rock! Once again, a big thanks to Jake over at PDP for sending these items to us. If you want to learn more about them, head over to!


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