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Nintendo Announces Galaxy Style New 3DS

Some of the best Nintendo surprises have come out of nowhere lately. The NES Mini? No one could have predicted that! The New Leaf update? I was sure that Nintendo had abandoned New Leaf. There had been no updates or dlc for it in awhile! And now today, Nintendo has surprised us with another new thing out of nowhere. Nintendo announced the Galaxy Style New 3DS today!


The Galaxy Style New 3DS will be coming out this week. It will cost $199.99 in the United States. This New 3DS is the same as other New 3DS systems, expect for its really cool design. I’m not a huge fan of the color purple, but it looks great on this system with the stars and galaxy design.

Reggie from Nintendo announced this Galaxy New 3DS himself. Check out this video (Perfectly Nintendo posted it on youtube, its originally from Nintendo on twitter):

What do you think of the Galaxy Style New 3DS? Will you be buying one this week?


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