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KEMCO: 50 RPGs Celebratory Bundle Will Available On August 3rd for Xbox Series X/S

KEMCO will release a 50 RPG Celebratory bundle on August 3rd, 2023 on the Xbox Series systems. It sounds pretty cool!


KEMCO has released so many fun games over the years. On August 3rd, they’ll be celebrating how many games they’ve released on the Xbox Series by releasing the KEMCO: 50 RPGs Celebratory bundle! This bundle includes, yes, 50 rpgs and it’ll be available for a limited 50 day window.

50 rpgs and there will about 15 hours of play time for each title!! Wow. Just wow. That’s a lot of gameplay!

For more information about KEMCO on Xbox and this upcoming bundle, check out this article.

What do think of KEMCO? Are you excited about this bundle?



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