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Australian Casino Games

The internet has transformed the world so that it’s smaller than ever. Gone are the days where far off lands were nothing more than stories in a book. Pop a zip or postal code into Google and you’ll be able to walk down streets thousands of miles away.

Part of that is that the world has almost become a single market. If there’s a product or service that you want, but that isn’t available in your area, getting it is usually pretty damn easy. Get it imported and, failing that, pay a  little extra and get someone to mail it across – these are all available through dedicated websites and are usually only a click away.

Part of the problem here is that you lose a little bit of the ‘local’ that used to make living in an area special. As the world becomes more global, we lose a little of what used to make it so hyper-local.

Some people would rather have the opportunity to use products and services that are based in the area, whether to help stop money leaving the country or just so that they can be with likeminding people. This is even true for gambling.

Because the most online gambling australia activities are operated from off shore islands like Malta, Curacao or Alderney it is hard to block these services from the Australia consumer. The government blocked a plan for IP/DNS bans on the gambling sites, so for now they still can be used. But they are not powerless, they did block a local payment method, bPAY, from the casinos wich makes depositing a little less easy.


Morrock is a website that lets Australians pick and choose games that are most relevant to them. Taking on board things like payment methods and quality, every game is chosen with Aussies in mind.

It’s a handy tool for those that don’t want to keep browsing the web, going from site to site, aimlessly trying to track down what they want. The most reliable and interesting games are ready and waiting to go, chosen from thousands all around the internet.

With every casino comes a special rating for bonuses, that lets players evaluate the best games to maximise their winnings. Why win big when you can win bigger, just with a few seconds of research?

For those interested in playing games by specific companies, Morrock has you covered.

For instance, there is an entire section of the website dedicated to Microgaming casinos by Morrock

Microgaming is one of the world’s leading gaming software designers, and several hundred casinos in Australia run almost entirely on their platform. This is good news for gamblers that want a guaranteed good time by a company that they can trust.

Founded in in 1994, Microgaming was one of the pioneers of casino software industry in the world, and has remained one of the biggest players in the more than two decades since.

With Morrock, you can check out the best of the best by seeing a well-detailed collection of statistics and information on many of Microgaming’s most popular casinos.

Among the most famous and reliable casinos are Gaming Club Casino, Jackpot City and Spin Palace. The company has always tried to make its casinos as close to reality as possible, so for those wanting a real life experience from the safety and comfort of their own homes – this is probably the option for you to take a look at.


The vast majority of these games also have mobile versions which can be played away from the computer on tablet or smart phone.

There are dozens of reasons to choose to play casinos and games more local to your own region, if just for the safety of knowing you’re in the same time zone if anything goes wrong.

But with websites like Morrock, the feeling of having to find the best is taken away, with easy solutions and detailed analysis just a few clicks away.

Gamblers have never had such a great variety of choice – even within their very own country.