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Whoops! – Another Day, Another Switch 2 Leak

Like the Series S before it, the Nintendo Switch 2 is the worst kept secret going. It’s getting to the point where it’s so unofficially official that even third party manufacturers are casually dropping details.


So frequent are the Switch 2 info drops that the biggest takeaway from Nintendo’s announcement will be discussion of the varying degrees of rightness that have come over the last couple of years. Which leakers were correct, which can we consign to the bins of Insider Hell?

Just kidding, there’s no such place as Insider Hell. They just start announcing Bloodborne 2 is on the horizon and all their fans come racing back.

Chinese peripheral manufacturer Mobapad shared a few details of the upcoming device on their Facebook page last week. This isn’t an official announcement from Nintendo and so those still holding out on surprises are welcome to take it with a pinch of salt.

The new Switch 2 will be compatible with older controllers and joycons, and it’ll run your old cartridges too. New game cards won’t fit into the old Switch. The new joycons will connect to the console magnetically, which is pretty cool (as anybody who has used an Xbox Elite controller will attest).

The new screen will be 1080p, and there will be a number of improvements to the dock. With that said, it’ll still use USB-C.

So there’s some interesting little things in there, but nothing that should be a massive surprise. The device will have some minor improvements, will be stronger visually and will be backwards compatible. That last bit wasn’t a given, but it would have been silly on Nintendo’s part not to ensure compatibility. In 2024, you can’t expect people to start their catalogues again.

Switch 2 And Sega

If that wasn’t enough, insider Midori has said that all of the Sega remakes announced late last year will also be making their way to the Switch 2. You can also expect the recent Persona games, according to them.

This isn’t massively surprising. If it’s true that the Switch 2 will be as capable as more recent consoles, you can expect a whole genre of ports suddenly appearing on Nintendo consoles, and recent games that’ll find easy success are obvious. And from there, you can probably expect most games will make the jump.

And that’ll be the biggest surprise of the official announcement for me. Just how much will the Switch 2 fit into the current console paradigm? Will gamers not too interested in graphics be able to spend the remaining years of the generation with just one portable device?

While it seems farfetched, it’ll be interesting to see just how long they journey down that path. If it sells even most of what the current Switch has, it’ll be hard for third parties to ignore.

Of course, it’s probably still at least a year out, which is disappointing for those of us who will have to write yearly predictions come December. But hopefully Nintendo will soon put us out of our misery and at least think about announcing the damn thing.


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