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Xbox One X Anticipated Titles: Shadow of War and Assassins Creed Origins

When the Xbox One X gets launched later this year, there are two games I’m really looking forward to playing on the system for one very specific reason: the settings. The Xbox One X promises to produce some of the best looking graphics available on modern consoles, and companies have already been harnessing this power to create games that will look the best on Xbox One X. But why these two titles? Well, for myself, it’s a personal decision based on settings.

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Shadow of War

When I played the first Middle Earth title, Shadow of Mordor, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail the game offered. Middle Earth – or at least the environments used in the game – never looked so good in video game format, and the movements of the protagonist were like nothing I had seen before. Climbing, jumping, and even standing and gazing, never looked so good in a video game, for the time.

Since that release in 2014, things have obviously changed. Better looking games have hit the marketplace – Horizon: Zero Dawn anyone? – but when going back to Shadow of Mordor, I still have those breathtaking moments, even if the game is almost 3 years old!


At E3 2017, Warner Bros. and the team behind Shadow of Mordor demoed a lot of the next game in the series, Shadow of War. From the demoes, it appears as if we are getting more of what was in the first game, but everything had a that extra bit of polish added. The quality in Shadow of War is likely to be a step above Shadow of Mordor in every way, but this will never be more evident than on Xbox One X.

I cannot wait to enter Middle Earth again, enjoy that Nemesis System, and gawk at the wonders and landscapes the developers have created this time around!

Assassin’s Creed Origins

I currently own two University degrees, both of which are in History with a minor in Ancient Civilizations. The world of Egypt has always fascinated me, as have most of the Assassin’s Creed locations. To be honest, half of the fun of an Assassin’s Creed game for me is exploring these worlds I learned about in University. From Syria and Israel, to Italy and the Caribbean, every Assassin’s Creed environment has been fun to explore.

Over the last few games, Ubisoft has focused on the urban cities of London (Syndicate) and Paris (Unity) so to see the team move back to a more ‘open world’ is something I’m really looking forward too. The rumors of Ancient Egypt have long been talked about, but to get the confirmation at E3 2017 was outstanding.


When Ubisoft began demoing the title at their booth, and that footage began to hit YouTube, my hype level for this title went through the roof. Not only do the new RPG elements sound amazing – taking the franchise in a new direction while honouring what made it fantastic in the first place – but the game looks stunning in 4K. Ubisoft was demoing the title on Xbox One X system at E3, and that is how I plan to play it when it launches this fall!
Are you excited for the Xbox One X? Let us know on social media if you plan to grab the system on day one, and what game you will play on it first!


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