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Best iOS Sports Games of 2016

Mobile phones have really gone a long way from the days when you could only kill some time by playing Snake or Solitaire. With all the hardware flagship devices now boast, it’s hard to contain your excitement about the gaming possibilities (literally) at hand. And rarely is that excitement as visible as when someone mentions sport games.

After a whole influx of mobile FPSs and games like Candy Crush, sport fans were lucky enough that companies like EA jumped to the opportunity of providing an increasingly demanding market with quality mobile sport games, making them forget about searching for good iOS no deposit casino bonuses and go back to what they loved most – gaming on the move.

So, if you’re a fan of sport gaming but don’t know what to play on your iPhone or iPad, check out these top 5 apps for 2016:


NBA 2K16

Ok, it might not be free as EA’s version, but NBA 2K16 has got some serious mojo which particularly comes to life on newer devices. Building on the success of their previous installment, the NBA 2K16 for mobile has everything that was good about the original game, but also some updates that keep it in touch with current times, like new players, rosters, and Euro league teams. The graphics and animations are even better than the previous version and 2K also changed the navigation and controls, which might bug some players but are nothing you can’t get used to. If they still annoy you though, the game has a physical controller support to eliminate the problem.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge, in case you didn’t know, is made by SEGA, so you know that you can expect some addictive gaming. The Virtua Tennis franchise has been around ever since the first version hit the markets around 1999, and the modern versions remain as true testaments of SEGA’s long experience in making tennis games. The game has really intuitive commands which make playing very easy, but it also doesn’t fall short on high-quality graphics and (almost) flawless mobile animations. You can challenge over 50 players and play at 18 different stadiums across the globe, but also find the right moves that match your unique hand gestures and the environment you’re playing in. And for those who really want a genuine experience, you can customize your player and compete against your friends via Bluetooth.


Did you expect not to find an EA game on this list? Well, EA Sports once again prove why they are one of the best sport game developers around with their MADDEN NFL Mobile. Apart from oozing with great mobile graphics and lag-free play, the MADDEN NFL makes for a great sport game as it also packs a bunch of options that’ll make any football fan forget about reality for a while. The game, for starters, lets you play and manage your teams, play against friends in the Head-to-Head mode, and play live events as the real NFL season unfolds, and that’s a small amount of what’s in store. In fact, the only downsides of the app are the purchases, but you don’t have to buy anything to enjoy it. Plus, you also get it for free – so, there aren’t really many reasons to complain.



Do you remember the days when EA’s FIFA games ruled the football gaming world, even before the success of PES? Well, the mobile versions are not quite that different either and they offer the same great gaming experience you would expect from the franchise. The changes from the previous version are mostly visible in the details, where EA have really surpassed their own best with their new engine. There are also the console-like controls, updated player AI, and the control-triggered celebrations after a goal that make this game an even better than its predecessor – FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Apart from the updates, you can also expect to find some of the old features in this version as well, like trading and transfers, choosing your formations and image, and fine tuning your players’ skills with practice.

Football Manager Touch 2016

If you’ve ever been a football manager geek, this app is like a match made in heaven for you. Football Manager Touch is also made by SEGA and in its core is a great football manager app that holds the same features you would expect from top console and desktop names in the niche, but outside of it is one of the best sport games for iOS devices. Everything from their match analyses and club customization options to their Football Manager 3D match engine and cross-device play just screams with smart design and greatness, and once you install it, you’ll rarely have time to play anything else on your phone.